RtR – Harcourted for The Cup

Posted: November 5, 2019 in Travel

Settled in for a few days of R&R in Harcourt. Tuesday dawned bright, clear and cool. Perfect. A hearty breakfast and an easy morning before climbing up the back hill for a picnic lunch. Great view on this clear day

In the afternoon we ventured into Castlemaine to check out the local brewery – Shedshaker – and get paddled. I think that is like addled only more Pissed? Lovely warm afternoon in the sun working our way from left to right. When visiting a brewery for tasting always take along someone who is not a big beer fancier because then you get to taste theirs too. I drink, I know things.

Before you knew it we were back home just in time for G&T time which generally is before Beer O’Clock but this daylight saving has me befuddled. I do know Wine Time is usually last and luckily often involves food . Another excellent meal provided by our hosts had us ready for beddy byes just as the sun went down. You know….10pm

There was a big race on down south but I Vow and Declare I had no interest and no idea who won. Just glad it wasn’t a public holiday in Castlemaine!

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