RtR – Bustling Bendigo

Posted: November 6, 2019 in Travel

Someone had to work today so The Three Amigos were on the loose and searching for Coffee and Culture. Realistically of course we could have stayed in the kitchen all day so started with some fresh fruit, yoghurt and Fruit Toast. And coffee . Then it was time to hit the road , or more specifically Bendigo

Da girls were interested in some Fashion Exhibit at the Bendigo Art Gallery but did not open until 10 am so we had a lovely stroll through the Gardens nearby. They are stunning grounds and at most angles you glimpse interesting buildings in the background. Even some Gargoyles as well 🤓

Eventually 10 am did roll around and it was easy to see the level of anticipation between Larry, Moe and Curly varied

Basically a lot of dresses behind glass and some scribble on walls at intermittent locations. Luckily we did get the Seniors Discount – and were still the youngest there, especially in the Ambulatory Division.

By 11 am da girls had moved onto the second dress so things were grim. Time to switch to Plan B. Call in a false fire alarm. It was quite impressive and the red trucks turned up in 10 mins and threw a few hoses around. Was going to join in but didnt want to embarrass da boys. Mind you, two of them didnt seem all that interested in the fire

Now it was time to drop into The Wine Bank . Hopefully we were making a withdrawal. We also had a coffee which was ok but the old rookie mistake of too bigger a cup led to a milky weak taste

By now it was lunch time so headed back into the CBD area and had a very healthy looking lunch at Bendigo Wholefoods Kitchen. Even went for the colon cleansing juice to start the long overdue detox.

As we still had another day to fill in we didnt want to see every highlight in the area so headed home for a good coffee and a lie down. The plan at this early stage is to be much more sensible in the drinking caper tonight but will sign off now in case I weaken as daylight drags on. And on…

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