RtR – Cavorting in Castlemaine

Posted: November 7, 2019 in Travel

A sensible approach, finally, to the guzzling caper had us refreshed after a good nights sleep. Last full day with family in Harcourt before we head to Echuca tomorrow as we slowly make our way home. The weather forecast is not good but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Here is one I prepared earlier

Before sampling the delights of Castlemaine we did a slight detour to Red Hill to check out an old mining site. Quite interesting and was surprised to find a couple of gold diggers still loitering

Then it was finally time to check out Castlemaine and wander the Main Street looking for quirk and coffee. As is often the way in Victoria there are excellent “food” shops even in relatively small towns. We did stop in at Saffs for our morning coffee and once again the milky weak variety, though totally drinkable, was on offer. Wasn’t going to complain to waiter mind you as looked like he didnt take no shit from anyone. Or sunshine apparently

I had been threatened with 3 laps of the Botanical Gardens but as luck would have it it started to rain. So, we stopped in at a Patisserie on way home to give our diabetes a kick along and then….. it stopped raining. Back to the Gardens then where I was welcomed with open arms and away we go

I made one lap and then remembered that the Shedshaker Coffee Brewery Complex was across the road so bid adieu to The Ladies in Lavender and said would meet them for lunch at Das Kaffeehaus. It’s an Austrian setup and they had certainly mastered the level of service seen in European culture often. I asked Frau Blucher behind counter for a Cortado and she was nonplussed. She asked if I came from Spain and I said no, give me a Flat White. She went away, came back with some streudel and said the Colombian barista knew what a Cortado was, move down. Sweet. Barista then said “Do you come from Spain? “ “Ok yeah sure why not if it is a requirement to actually get a Cortado. Ole “ I went out on Disco floor and drank my coffee

By now the LIL were back and we decided to have our lunch here as well. Apparently there is a little known Austrian tradition that you get a glass of water with any order. Our clown waiter was struggling with our order and I saw Frau Blucher walking past with a bottle of water and glasses. Big mistake …

I asked for some water and her scowl actually got worse than normal. Luckily the horses were back in the stall

Eventually our order of drinks arrived and to be fair they did get 2 out of 3 right . The two beers, one of which was Trump Piss. Go figure. The white wine Lorraine ordered – Grüner Veltliner – was delivered in a warm jug and was red like a mulled wine. Called Fritz over to replace – or you know, actually get order right – so now we had pissed off most of the Service staff. Our work here was done. I got the Weiner Wurstel with kaiser roll and mustard while the LIL had Chicken Schnitzel Toasted sangers. Always say, two sausages are better than one and twice the fun

And so our lovely few days in Harcourt of the North variety was coming to an end with an early start tomorrow to hopefully catch a slow moving Paddle Steamer on way to Winery/Ginery in Echuca. Once again, plan to have a sensible night alcohol wise but with big brother back in the frame chances are slim……

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