Slice n Dice 2 – Week 2

Posted: May 12, 2023 in Uncategorized

When last we left our hero he was at that eternal crossroads – heavy pain medication or alcohol 🤔 Did some research and found that alcohol numbs “the pain” so it was an easy decision although suspect “the” refers more to emotional pain than actual cut nervy tendon type but hey let’s not split hairs. In general this time around the recovery seems a bit better but then when you have a major surgery every year maybe you just get forgetful. Of course when you have a major surgery every year your memory can …….hmm ok.

So by day 3 it was off the pain pills and soak up some sun until socially acceptable to drink. By day 4 actually out of PJs by 9 am 🕺🏻

Lovely brisk mornings for start of the week saw the return of the Twins of Terror resplendent in the latest season’s must have flannos

By weeks end it was time to travel afar and we headed to Brisvegas to see some old farts and young munchkins. First up on Friday was a drop in to Medium Security Twilight Home to see Mum for Mothers Day. Looking pretty good go almost 97 and didn’t leave before getting name of that hairdresser

Then we were heading over to decamp at Camp Hill for night and look after Munchkins x 2 but first thought we drop into Pineapple Hotel for a juice of the frothy type . Looks a great pub and nice and quiet when we were there

Rock up to RJER in plenty of time to fetch kidlet 1 from school . Lots of Mothers Day Activities around of course and lovely for Nonna to be able to share in one with Eloise . I shared a coffee with BC1 .

Lovely night spent looking after girls although of course CLP did all the heavy lifting . Eloise loves coming down early morning to Nonna and we took opportunity to check for anymore missing teeth and agreed to split the proceeds. I pulled on a couple but they wouldn’t shift 😢

CLP wanted to do some cleaning this morning when RJ at the gym but as I always say it’s never too early to introduce girls to their life’s work. Ouch

Next family function on menu was celebrate Claude’s 93 rd rotation around the Sun at Burbank, Not California with most of the Della clan . As always it was a wonderful gathering with plenty to eat and drink including a 2006 Magnum of Shiraz, stored perfectly of course .

All good things come to an end of course and after our whirlwind visit to Brisvegas it was time for one last goodbye with a promise to return in a few weeks

A couple of quiet days then at Flashman Inc under cloudy skies until visit Surgeon on Tuesday. Some decent rain certainly

Surgeon was happy with wound and I was happy to get rid of staples. A comparison to 2018 ( on left ) shows a similar scar but clearly I have been in the sun a bit more this year . In 2023 there also seems to be one of those ghostly images in the background that you sometimes read about 🤔

To celebrate passing first hurdle with honours time to get Ratfaced on Ratu as you do. It’s a bit too easy to drink methinks. Just leaves first Physio visit then on Thursday . I’ll drink to that

Physio was mostly happy with me especially when I paid the $120 bill😏 Am starting Physio – correctly – a bit earlier this time so very minimal movement or active exercise. I seem to have a problem letting my arm or shoulder hang “dead” . I assured him it was only a problem above the waist …… Karl the Physio is German so not expecting raucous laughs and was not disappointed. We then had a lovely Tapas Lunch at Tapas 10 next door – sadly we only got through 4 this time but shall return.

Then it was time to start some Sun therapy and sign off for this week . In summary the surgery went very well but even when you don’t have pain it is a very slow recovery to being useful and independent

Just ask CLP ❤️

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