Slice n Dice 2 – Let’s Cut

Posted: May 5, 2023 in Uncategorized

Surgery booked for Friday so came down to Flashman Inc a day early on a simply glorious day . Time for some pool action and one last look at the shoulder pre surgery

And here is a reminder of the plan of attack

Got message to be at hospital at 0730 am Friday which suited fine. Fair crowd lined up at Day Surgery desk so didn’t get into a room until close to 0830. After that was moved along quite quickly and lining up for the laughing gas OT adjacent by 0930. Great anaesthetist and explained the nerve block well which seemed to go in a bit easier this time. Wheeled in and next thing remember was waking up in recovery rather groggy but glad to see left shoulder bandaged up. Recovered pretty quickly and then out to final waiting room for a cuppa and some sangas. Doc came and saw me and said happy with procedure , cya in 10 days.

All necessary instructions given and then pick up my bag of goodies and on the way with CLP by 130 pm. They initially took the wrong patient out to CLP and she was weighing up whether she really should say anything or accept the trade 😏 Eventually got home and settled in for afternoon trussed up like usual Turkey. The block was working well and before you knew it, time for afternoon drinkies of the zero alcohol variety for some 😢

Early night of course but didn’t sleep well as not really tired . Maybe got a couple of hours by 3 am and that was it. The block has worn off but no real pain yet. Obviously have the heavy stuff on hand. As always CLP has been a legend. And today also woke up to our 21 year anniversary 👫 🎊 …..and I can’t drink alcohol 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ok by 6 am the pain was kicking in. Time for a little wipe down and surprised at amount of blood given they said try and keep this bandage on for 10 days. Ah, don’t think so . Will be changing it tomorrow.

The pain hung in all day with little relief even with the strong stuff. We are now in the Holy Trinity of Recovery with Pain, Constipation and No Alcohol 😢 Did get some good sleep on Night 2 and now on Sunday it is time to change bandage and do a site inspection. The moment of truth looms. Made CLPs day by letting her shower me and then we removed the bandage. All looks good and clean and hopefully with no more bleeding can leave new bandage on until see Doc to get staples removed

Certainly feel better after a shower and probably helps with slightly cooler weather . Time for some breakfast and my lovely Nursey Mercy even cut it up for me. But she won’t wear the uniform 😢

So, at Day 3 all seems on track and now just rest and line up some Physio for Friday week. Can’t drive for 6 weeks so will be at Flashman Inc for that period .

Of more importance today of course is the 10th birthday of my favourite Grandaughter Jessica.

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