Slice n Dice 2 – The Older Shoulder

Posted: April 5, 2023 in Uncategorized

Holiday over now so once I hop off the cross on Sunday reality strikes. Got through the last month relatively ok at least with the bung shoulder ( ankle is a whole other story 😢) . Time to line up first for the MRI to point us in the direction of the appropriate surgery . If I am the supreme physical specimen expected then it’s a repeat of the old rotator cuff buff and shine. A cut here, a staple there and lay around for 3 months . If for some reason the MRI reveals the shoulder is in less than stellar shape then we move onto the old shoulder switcheroo . Maybe they could put my fused ankle in there 😏

Not a fan of MRI as tend towards claustrophobia and do have trouble controlling breathing . Hopefully the result is clear enough to allow surgeon to make “decision before incision “. 0830 MRI at Pulse Lumus Radiology and then the surgeon visit at 11 am . Luckily surgeon is in same medical complex across from SCUH , the future scene of the crime.

So, MRI went well. Got in early and so went up to Doc on 4th floor and he had images already so saw me straight away. Showed enough material to work with – told ya 🕺🏻- and so basically the same op as last time only different shoulder. Hopefully 🤞 . Doc seemed to suggest it was less of a procedure than last time – only day surgery – but would cost twice as much as they don’t cover bicep reattachment anymore 😢Booked in for May 5th at this stage . If I could have got in on May 4th it would have been cool as apparently they use light sabres to cut on that day . Got home and gave CLP the good news. She should come around in 20 mins

This Easter is of course the usual Della Gathering – renamed Della Coachella – at Flashman Inc on Sunny Coast . People come, People go over the 3 days and then we clean up. Maximum numbers always for Saturday lunch which sits at 15 at present . No standing room . Music playlist to be determined but expect Gary Puckett and The Union Gap to figure heavily. And alcohol

Meanwhile todays “Truth in Advertising “ entry

Always great to spend some time in the pool but pretty soon those pesky family members start rolling in. First up is TB and this years entry is a caravan. They had the pick of the sites but insisted on being near where “the action is “ . At our age that means close to the toilet thanks. They parked , threw out the chocks ( not choccies😢) and opened the esky. They also have a Flash that can run and play and lick herself. Well one out of three ain’t bad 👨🏻‍🦯

A couple of sherberts and a lovely meal had us ready to call it early on a busy day for everyone. On Friday will be an added 6 freeloaders including a couple of little scamps so some rest is needed.

This of course is also Masters weekend so requires finding a quiet spot early morning while the others catch up on beauty sleep. Lordy Lordy some may not wake until 10 am. Ouch….

Weather forecast a bit gloomy for Day 2 of Dellacoachella before hopefully clearing for a fine and warm Saturday . This certainly wasn’t predicted this morning . I am shocked and amazed.

More arrivals under rainy skies but the girls came prepared . 10 and counting

A quiet afternoon ensued under cloudy skies with occasional sun. Not enough to bring out the sluggos just yet but tomorrow was looking good. As the skies darkened it was Spritzer time under the light of 6 mobile phones checking out BOM radar 😏

We dodged the bad stuff but there was an impressive lightning show. Our meat free Friday continued with Prawns and Salmon for dinner. Time for some sleep as the big day tomorrow .

Dawned a glorious day as predicted . After the usual Breakfast of Plenty it was time to hide in the pool while the heavy lifting was done 🕺🏻 The girls heard me laughing . It was a two floater day

By late morning all the crowd were gathering on a simply stunning day . Starting to warm up so we started emptying the beer esky as you do . A feast was laid out before us so with all the energy could muster moved the 10 feet to inside and resumed festivities

The hours passed with easy chat and easing of belt buckle. Always a plan to not eat too much at lunch so more leftovers for dinner and less people to share with 😏 Of course the other clever move is always sit next to the Vintec trio for easy access . Always great for the Della clan to have another gathering

And so another Dellacoachella slowly wound down and ended up with just the 4 of us staying the last night. Me, CLP ,T and B . Can I buy a vowel 🤔 Just hoping the Easter Bunny didn’t get the memo about the girls leaving before Sunday and still left some eggs around the pool garden. 🙏🏻

Damn, everyone is onWhats App these days, even EB. No secrets 😢 A relaxing breakfast and one last swim before trekking back to Maryhole some time later in day. A month at home before heading back on May 4th for SnD 2. Will play some golf while can and get back into routine with work on course etc. Looking forward to some cooler weather starting to kick in .

Now, what’s happening in The Masters ….

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