Slice n Dice – Week 3 and Almost 4

Posted: May 20, 2023 in Uncategorized

Looks like a week of glorious weather ahead as nights start to cool down and days remain mostly cloud free. The big question than is will he brave the pool yet 🤔 Baby steps

Well that’s the first hour taken care off . Let’s up the ante

No feeling below the waste . Status normal 🕺🏻 Ok time to submerge

Sitting out in the sun then was glorious. Warm but not hot. Could sit there for hours but have to take it easy. Of course on reviewing images realised with the numbing cold I have moved my left arm away from body which is a definite no no at two weeks 🤦🏻‍♂️ Oh well .

It’s a quiet week at home with just a Physio appointment to squeeze in so think daily pool trips are in order. By Saturday we were into single digits in mornings and also quite a deal of shoulder pain which hope is only due to the cool weather .

Longish days leaves one time to ponder and muse but never at the same time . Mostly my mind always settles on dreaming of travel. CLP and I have a cruise booked for October 2024 but that seems a long way away and so always keen for a February type solo trip to USA as you do. These days have serious discussions with my Financial Advisor who warns me “ you know you could live to 70 afterall “ . He is the little devil that sits on my left shoulder so is still a bit pissed about the blood and staples up his ass a few weeks back. Planning continues even if ultimately common sense wins out. Yeah right eh 😂 Actually like idea of some LA/Santa Monica time when coolish and tack on a return to Vegas maybe or Phoenix. Like Vegas as great walking city ( which couldn’t do well last time) and a surprisingly safe and easy city to navigate. Also helps having a reliable accommodation option lined up. Time will tell .

Meanwhile back to the pool as day after day of clear blue skies ensue. Don’t mind wandering around the pool naked but CLP did warn me to be careful where I stood in middle of day. Not sure why……….

Of course a week at Flashman Inc does allow one to partake of some varied alcohol each night. We have had the Ratu Rum, the American Honey Bourbon and of course heap plenty vino but perhaps fondest memory is Spritzer time as reminds us of France. We dressed for the occasion

One day leads to the next and before you know it time to Tap a Physio again. Karl was pleased with my movement especially from hand to wallet 😏 Do seem to be progressing well but still need some manual manipulation of compromised joint – don’t we all eh 🕺🏻. Will maybe line up two more Physio visits and then hopefully have a series of exercises to do at home. Plan on heading back to Maryhole in second week of June, not a secret apparently. Discussing plans with CLP over a calendar for next few weeks and noticed a big red circle around June 13 th and YIPPEE written in bold 😏 I asked what the special occasion was and she just smiled . Time then to try another 4 Tapi.

Speaking of special occasions today Saturday 27 is 11th birthday of Handsome Harry ❤️ The boys love to go fishing on Dads boat now

Plenty of pool time in the sun next few days then before we head down to Brisvegas for a few days next weekend . Coolish but glorious weather if wind dies down. Oh, and time told

I’m going to Vegas next February baby 🕺🏻🍻✈️🏦🌃💰🧲🔙🔜

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