CMBM – Frogland Day 5

Posted: March 25, 2023 in Uncategorized

And so the weekend is here and with it comes markets mayhem and marauding madames 😏 Mind you we did pretty well in the fresh food caper last night for dinner so mostly a look see on a glorious morning

We were able to fill tank with petrol yesterday so our options are more varied again today . A stroll to the markets first up and then drive out of town to avoid the crowds until about 3 pm maybe. Supposed to be chance of some rain tomorrow but should be a good day today . Of course now we have to watch closely any further issues with trains for Monday and then the usual flight monitoring ensues. If the train doesn’t get us to airport on time on Monday then the whole ball of string unravels. Let’s panic about that tomorrow Viva La France 🇫🇷

Markets had an impressive array of food including some huge Paellas. Unfortunately no Patellas which would be handy with now my knee feels at present

Then it was time to head towards Mont Ventoux via Sault. Not sure if we can get to top of Mont but will give it an Aussie crack. There was snow there last week . Sault is another classic village to walk around and we sat down for usual cafe. More traditional coffees last couple of days so am kinda missing my cream fix 😢

As we headed off up the mountain we came across my fave group of assholes – cyclists by the dozen. Take an arrogant group of people and then make them French ! Signs said to stop about 5 klm from top which suited us as there was a rather picturesque chalet there for a beer and a bite . Or several bites as it turned out

Well that hit the spot and as often happens the trip down was a lot quicker . Back in Pleased da Funtown by 130 pm for a relaxing afternoon. Mind you a relaxing day is also planned for tomorrow so may have to spice things up at some stage

It doesn’t get more exciting then a walk to a supermarket eh. We headed off under a warm Tuscan Sun which is odd because we are not in Italy. We had a couple of donkeys on standby in case we needed more alcohol. At the end of the day a very small shop .

It’s now 5 pm so that is drinkies time and I need to concentrate for that so will bid au revoir as sadly our French Soujourn nears an end . And we know what comes after that …….

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