CMBM – Frogland Day 6

Posted: March 26, 2023 in Uncategorized

Glorious night last night looking out our window on the second floor . We had the windows open to let some breeze in and as I leant out did feel a slight pressure on my back and two hands but was probably imagining it ….

Last full day in Frogland which is sad of course .One always gets to a point where one is happy to head home and probably at that point but there have been so many new and wonderful memories it’s hard not to want more. And of course it also means we are approaching the 48 hrs from Hell Tour. We do the old Planes, Trains and Automobiles switcheroo and at this stage all trains and planes we need are running except when they stop at stations and airports . 24 hrs is a long time in travel, just ask Jack Bauer

It was dark when we arose this morning – well ok darker than usual – at 630 am. Had the sun also joined the strike🤔 Ah no, it’s start of daylight saving . Probably better today than tomorrow which may have really thrown us . Todays plan then is casual . Head out mid morning to Ill da Sook for a last French coffee and a little wander. Apparently there is an Antique Market on so just hope CLP isn’t tempted by a good offer for me .

Pleasant day with some cloud cover and a little chill. The place was a jumping with markets up and down the streets and canals. Much like yesterday some tempting food but not a lot else to tempt this LBD. We had a coffee but again the magic has passed

Such a nice day for a walk so we kept looking at more markets . Ok ya got me , we were lost 😏

Headed back home for some lunch with some more baguettes that we had picked up this morning with fresh ham and cheese. Yummo 🥖🇫🇷

Quiet afternoon with some rather changeable weather . We did majority of packing so an easy morning tomorrow even though it is a relaxed morning with a drive to Avignon TGV planned at 9 am. Plenty of time to hit our fave boo lingerie one last time 🥖

I see the sun has gone . Not sure if cloudy or it isn’t 5 pm yet but hell why would you risk it and not start drinking now 🤦🏻‍♂️ A Spritzer and two bottles of wine is the norm so why change now . Later dudes , it’s been a blast .

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