CMBM – Frogland Day 4

Posted: March 24, 2023 in Uncategorized

After being mobbed on the streets early mornings I decided time to blend in a bit better so went beret hunting yesterday in shops , so basically between 10-12am or 3-5pm 😏. Choices were limited so improvised but it didn’t fool anyone, not sure why 🤔

Funtown of course has better shops because the frogs are jumping with joy and before too long found the perfect one. They also sold canes so winner winner poulet dinner. Todays mission was “Don’t forget the Baguette” and make it deux. I hobbled off and blended in well especially now that my sun bleached complexion from Africa had returned more to simply old man. May have to reconsider the smoking though, Frogs suddenly seem tall to me

Suitably sated after usual solid breakfast it was time for todays plan – Av a go in Avignon 🇫🇷. Diesel fuel still a bit of an issue so will visit another town today and see what the weekend brings . I knew we were having a break from the sweet stuff today at our Boo da Lingerie but couldn’t resist picking up a French Tart this morning to take on our trip

Avignon is a much bigger city of course with a wall around and a half finished bridge amongst its highlights .Also of course the Palace of the Popes . Did the tour but was expecting a more ornate place than rather one large empty room after another, one with a few resting Popes whom I assumed were dead

JL stayed behind on crowd control and did a great job

Must be time for the first coffee of today , pay attention there will be a quiz. It was called The French Coffee cafe so what could go wrong. Paper cups were a concern as was trucks driving past rather close. It was ok but there has been a decline in form of late . No decline in amount of cream mind you 😏

Time then to roam the streets and laneways of Avignon. Once again not many shops of interest but certainly a pleasant stroll . It was time to double up on baguettes for lunch but this time with filling .

Now for the famous half finished bridge . Do we want to do the tour ? Ah no, a couple of pics will suffice thanks

We have seen a great mix of villages/ towns so far this trip and the next couple of days will be a bit quieter . After all there are markets in Pleased da Funtown tomorrow . This could lead to another change in name of town I fear . Meanwhile it’s farewell from Avignon

On way home did a slight detour to Carpentras as only about 10 minutes from Funtown. Another stroll, another coffee, and the standard mix of dry fountains, cathedrals , bell towers and smokers. And a coffee with no cream !

Returning home mid afternoon left us some to chill and then to try a local restaurant for an afternoon beer in the sun. Easy walk, at least to get there 😏 A lovely end to another great day spent with family seeing new sights . And drinking alcohol 🕺🏻🇫🇷

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