CMBM – Frogland Day 3

Posted: March 23, 2023 in Uncategorized

Going to be hard to beat , or even match , the weather from yesterday . After the village pillage yesterday we are moving up in the world and just may down a town . St Remy is in crosshairs but first the croissant run this morning. Or limp maybe as ankle is a bit dicky at present . Swells up during day and can’t really get comfortable at night but still sleep pretty well actually. Just needs to be elevated more during the day but a bit hard with all this amazing scenery to see and tasting stations to breast . Sitting at the cafe with feet on table and beer in hand may give the game away you are an Aussie and I prefer to sneak up on Frogs and see their joy up close when they realise who they are in the presence of. We may have to give the tasting away for a bit because we already have enough wine for rest of week really and ain’t taking any back on the 48 Hours from Hell tour approaching on Monday . Afternoon drinkies are a good opportunity but hard to drink the wine lying down while Ma and Pa plot the next day 😏 And yes we had Espresso Martinins

A cloudy start to day on morning walk but didn’t stop hijinks happening and a bakery buy befitting big boys completed.

We headed off under cloudy skies towards Les Baux-de-Provence via St Remy . It’s a fortification high on a hill but first we walk through a lovely village with the classic cobblestone paths. Time for todays version of coffee though at a lovely outdoor cafe .

The coffees are not getting better but price is increasing as we get more salubrious surroundings. Plenty of shops open to browse as we meander up the lanes. We came across a GQ shoot at the top which was interesting to see

Then onto the Trebuchets and fortifications. Very impressive with of course the obligatory stunning mountain background

It was rather rough ground so I sat out the next lookout and let Larry, Moe and Curly head off without me. They were distraught but coped 😏

A leisurely walk back to car park had us ready to hit St Remy for lunch and a shop. One has to plan shopping in France as they close shops from midday to 2-3 pm for lunch. Again a beautiful town to wander aimlessly through.

But we did have an aim and that was to have a celebratory birthday lunch. Now 3 of us had birthdays in last 2 months so pick a number . We settled on Bistrot de Apilles and settled on the set 4 course lunch which was great value. Really surprised at the quality and size of each serving . Rinsed down with a couple of sherberts of course

Officially full as a goog it was time to waddle back to car and head home after another wonderful day of seeing different sights in France .

The clouds broke in afternoon to another beautiful afternoon so we went out for a short walk for some supplies and then settled in for night .

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