CMBM – Frogland Day 2

Posted: March 22, 2023 in Uncategorized

Good nights sleep had us ready to hit the ground running but we decided to walk as still pitch black at 6 am 😏 And rather cool. It’s a lovely village to walk around and our mission this morning was to find some croissants for breakfast. Let’s follow the suns .Easy Peasy but why stop at croissants 🕺🏻

Ah, so we were supposed to bring them back and not eat them ourselves . Damn now we have to go back

Looks like another pleasant day for a village pillage or two. The day plans are quiet flexible depending on weather but at present nothing impactful on horizon except maybe train strikes.😏 Night plans are locked in 🍷

Our first village was a cracker called Fontaine de Vaucluse. A beautiful river ran through it and surrounded by amazing mountains . Great way to spend an hour waiting for a cafe to open . Look, cappuccino is no way to judge a country for coffee but despite appearances they have been perfectly fine .

Next up was Gordes on the mountain side but as luck would have it we passed by an impressive looking cave so only polite to drop in and enrich someone’s day . Classic example of a top product with a couple of gooses left to run it . We only bought two, suffer in your shorts ladies . And they were big shorts trust me

Before Gordes the clan decided to visit Village da Boring but I chose to pass as see enough ruins in the morning mirror so ain’t paying 6 Euro to see more. I was mobbed by tourists though as I waited

Now for Gordes on what was turning out to be a simply glorious day . We strolled around the town square and liked the look of Pete da Bastard for lunch and a beer on a warm day . Don’t mind a beer on a cold day mind you .

Then we continued on our discovery tour and discovered we love French Villages . Sadly they are full of French people one of your more ignorant clans around. Of course when you find a good one they are delightful with their accent and love of the English language #sarcasm

One last village then wouldn’t hurt on way home . It was a bigger one called Ill de Sook I think with canals on both sides so was a dilemma whether to start with the near canal or the……wait for it……. far canal. The ducks were having fun so we joined in and had an ice cream . Sadly Gary was closed .

Time to head home then as knees and ankle were giving a bit of grief and we had seen so much today already after my usual early start . Can’t stand to let these booteeful mornings pass me by but eventually may have to so can recharge . Tonight we have a yummo roast veal to soak up the obligatory wine but is it too early for the Espresso Martinis you ask 🤔 Stay tuned folks

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