HHH – Day 9

Posted: October 30, 2022 in Uncategorized

Now not all plans are rock solid as brilliant as they may be . A tweak here, a twist there . The weather forecast suggested cloudy start with rain on the way. We will give the sunrise over the river a rest then and catch a bus up to Wrigley Field to see if it’s still there. Of course, still have my Big Ass Cortado first up natch

Short walk to bus stop for quite a long ride but not crowded so all good. Yep it’s still there but not much else. A few photos and caught next bus back to Gold Coast neighbourhood which is basically my Hood.

Time for some slow walking and fast talking if accosted . It’s a lovely area and of course Sunday morning is doggie park day. Beautiful homes and luxurious cars abound. And not too many rescue dogs methinks . Magic time of year with the falling fall leaves although doubt everyone agrees

Part of my rapidly forming weather driven plan was also to check out the Halloween decorations in the houses here and not disappointed . They may be rich folk but they can have fun. Could be a few nightmares around here tomorrow night …. I’m here all week try the deep dish pizza

The weather is cloudy but very pleasant at present. Of course the real smarts in my plan this morning was filling in the 4 hrs until the Pubs open at 11 am.😏 I feel a Guinness coming on

It came on and went down. First Irish Pub tried was closed for some odd reason at midday so carried on to the Kerryman. Patrons were already lining up for the Bears game this afternoon so could get wild later on. Not that it is likely to bother me as may just have to admit defeat today. Great morning walking around but think the last stop start has finished me for the day . The ankle is a constant of course but the knee comes and goes a bit. Like the little girl though when it is bad it is horrid as it is now . Sitting on a bar stool for 45 mins and then trying to walk home is not easy 😢

So settled in for a quiet afternoon watching LIV golf final and maybe some NFL. Time for some peace and quiet

Knock Knock


And so a couple of hours later pulling up stumps for the day . With 2 weeks to go best to rest now or will not make it to the end . Not happy Jan

At least the LIV golf is good – something did not expect to be saying this year

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