HHH – Day 8

Posted: October 29, 2022 in Uncategorized

Better nights sleep and maybe because no alcohol after 2 pm. Shan’t let that happen again. Into my routine now . Out of bed around 615 am and place both feet on floor. If reasonably level and don’t collapse when stand then it’s full steam ahead for the day . Try not to trip over fridge in middle of room and get changed and hit the ground for my morning Cortado. But first ….

So after hyperventilating for 10mins yesterday put a laundry list in with only 8 items and still a bill of $43 with delivery ! You tick off what you number of each item put in and they tick if they agree . Leave out by 9 am and return by 6pm. So by 7 pm rang to see where my laundry was. They delivered it 10 mins later

Now maybe people who pay for their laundry – a lack of laundromats in Chicago nearby duh (another scam) – don’t care how much or went to private school and didn’t do Math but this LBD did . So , on way out this morning approached front desk

“ Bonjour Sir “ Still with the French nonsense

“ Cut the crap Pal. Do they teach Math in Frogland ? Someone tried the old laundry shim sham on me and didn’t fall for it “

“Let me check Sir. Yes you are right Sacre Bleu “

“ No shit Sherlock. Adjust , or will ram a nuclear sub up you ass and it’s American made not French ha “

Out into the night and onto Big Shoulders . Guess the Woke Brigade weren’t happy with original name of Big Ass. Had the breakky burrito as well as an excellent Cortado. A good coffee makes such a difference

So the afore mentioned routine involves a nice walk after breakfast along the Magnificent Mile towards the river. Fact – it’s only 1606 m. Bloody Yanks again eh . Despite the ankle/knee imbroglio I still try to walk as much as possible on holidays to counter the increased calorie intake . It was tempting though

Still I wouldn’t be able to stop and take photos then that enthral you all eh

Always been a morning person since I was born. At 4 am . The weather remains glorious and the pay off is sunrise. Simply stunning views and no crowds. Slightly different part of the river this time with the creative title of …..wait for it….Riverwalk . Being Fall there are leaves everywhere and at least 4 people with blowers were picking up 100s of leaves . I suggested to them “ that’s easy you wait until they get in your bunkers . I got a blank look “

Next part of the plan varies because that is how I roll ,especially ankles . Yesterday Millennium Park , today Union Station. Once again the buses impress. Clean, move through traffic, on time , great digital info. And the 3 day mobile pass works a treat on phone. Some more bridges in this area of course and the odd skyscraper

Being second visit to Chicago – first 2013 – I am certainly repeating the classics but why wouldn’t you. Places like Union a station you could visit every second week let alone every 9 years . One of my lesser know abilities is to cut tourists out of pictures . It’s an art. Of course I also arrive early

Final part of routine then is to head home for a cuppa and work out todays drinking plan for when it’s socially acceptable . You know …8 am. Another great bus ride home, a couple of supplies including tonight’s salad and chill for a bit. It’s a struggle at times but hey I ain’t the slowest mover on the sidewalk baby

Decided to head up in general direction of Lincoln Park and check out the Gold Coast area where I stayed previously and remember the houses were keen on Halloween. With a solid plan in place involving a short walk to my fave bus stop 151 I went down in the lift . Something didn’t feel right . I was missing something . A cane . Also, have not had a drink yet but see 3 of me 😳

Decided to give it a whirl and check out the new me. It’s like the old me only totally stuffed . Get on bus and without cane have to make way to back of bus with GU. Short trip to Lincoln Park and then work my way back through Old Town amusing myself as I go

It was well past 11 am now so time to find a Pub for a quenching ale or an ailing wench. I went with the beer at LGs – Life’s Good

Suitably recharged decided could walk home from here. Beer does that . Half way home and walked past Lou Malnatis and then thought well why not . It was lunch time after all. Fronted the bar and sat next to what appeared to be a normal looking 35 yr old woman of normal size. I mention this because not soon after I sat down a good size order of Wings came out for her. Fine. I ordered a beer and a classic pizza for 1 . It takes 35 mins to cook . The old beer shim sham . Anyhoo after 10 mins the Sheila finishes her wings and her pizza comes out . I am still waiting of course and order a second beer. Meanwhile the lady finishes her pizza and then mine arrives . A good size portion. Then fuck me she orders the Tiramisu , a good size portion just quietly . She didn’t quite finish it all but a fair effort 👏🏻

Now, without my cane I just appear as your standard stud muffin so after sitting for 45 mins my first few steps were going to be difficult and stumbling …..you know, like a drunk 😏 An average woman out eats me 2:1 and then two beers appears to have the Wobbly Boot on. Did my best Kiwi accent and stumbled out and walked home

So, while chilling for a couple waiting for CLP to wake up a couple of comments/whines. It’s easy to get a Cortado now but no one has ever heard of American Honey Sting at a bar ?? Secondly I am sick of tired of paying full price for a “service” and then receiving multiple emails asking for a review. Be careful what you ask for Clowns .

On a beautiful afternoon let’s head towards the beach now with no great planning. Apparently planning is worthwhile . While I could clearly see the beach there was no way to cross highway 500m in either direction

Oh well will just do a circuit of the block and look at the rich peoples homes. Get to the far corner and out of corner of eye see in the distance something resembling a pedestrian tunnel ? Let’s investigate

What goes down must come up and here I am at the beach. Nice to walk on the sand and look back at the buildings

That will do for another full day in glorious weather . Back to Le Bar for La Drink . A rumbo will settle the nerves . Weather forecast not so flash next two days so will put my thinking cap on . This is me thinking

And I’m thinking, will I have another drink 🤔

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