HHH – Day 10

Posted: October 31, 2022 in Uncategorized

Last full day in Chicago and plans will depend on 3 things – weather, knee and ankle in that order. Odd how the knee is currently worse than ankle . Dense fog around this morning which raises the question of course – has there ever been smart fog ? Delays at airport so glad not flying out today . Always sad to leave one place just as have hang of the area and transport to move to another and have to learn its system and foibles. While the weather has been great would like to have seen some more chill around for next week. Could be positively balmy at 12-22. These are what are loosely called first world problems – a term I have used on occasion but actually think it is overused for certain things like complaints about Qantas delays. We live in the first world , we pay first world prices, maybe we should get first world service 🎃 And yes it’s Halloween . Now where is that Cortado . Bloody Fog ! PS Shove your pumpkin spice latte up your ass too while you are at it .

Cortado excellent as usual . The fog may lift today but fear a heavy cloud will descend on Big Ass staff when I tell them tomorrow is my last day . Much like the Tem po cafe I am about to PO. Apparently

Let’s check the Holy Trinity after that exhausting 3 min stroll

Fog will lift ✅

Ankle will hurt ✅

Knee is fucked ❎

Well as The Loaf would say , 2 out of 3 ain’t bad but crap it ain’t good either. So much for the afternoon of rest yesterday . Now for todays slightly altered plan . Altered as in what can I do within a 100 m radius of hotel . Not a lot actually . Oh well, suck it up Princess .

Well it’s Halloween better start Hobblin. The fog certainly adds some atmosphere at 8 am in the morning 🎃

Headed over to the Art Museum praying it was closed . Whew. It’s a great area though near Millenium Park where they keep the Falcon parked apparently . I would be lion if I said I could see very far in this fog though

Speaking of long distances have always wanted to travel Route 66 but just assumed it would take too long. Well , bugger me only took 5 mins 🕺🏻

Pretty well roo ted by now so was near my fave 151 Bus stop and there was one awaiting for me. Have to say the attitude and helpfulness of the bus drivers is excellent . Chances of finding a decent coffee on MM were remote but thought would have a sticky at Starbucks Roostery and it wasn’t wasted . They have exceptional toilets and the best taps have seen. Under for washing, to the side for drying . Works a treat . Of course then hobbled home for a cup of tea as Mamma didn’t raise no fool boy. Ok maybe talking too much to the bus driving ladies. 😏

Then as luck would have it hit the motherload back at SoftlySell. They had a Sundries fridge for those extras – under lock and key – like you know …..water.

One thing have struggled here in US with is artificial sweetener . Yes plenty of varieties but only like Equal and haven’t seen any since arrived . Until now next to the locked fridge . Like winning lotto only a lot lot sweeter . I loaded up

11 am up date . It’s foggy. Seems like a sign may need an Irish Coffee 🤔

Hobbled up to The Brehon , about a 10 min walk . Started with the Irish Coffee and yeah it was ordinary as feared. Then mixed it up with a Harp Lager this time and ordered some lunch – pulled pork roll. One thing will say in USA the meals are enormous and generally good value. This was only $13 .

The fog on the streets had moved to my brain now so knew it was time to head home with the first step of the stool always the scariest . Made it home slowly but surely .

Will be a quiet afternoon again but will head out later for one last drink. That won’t be blogworthy , especially a blog of this pedigree so will sign off now 🕺🏻

This stay in Chicago has been a reality check for the next two weeks. Clearly am limited with significant unexpected restrictions which are only likely to increase with time. Still having fun but would not have come if had known it would be this difficult. Still having a good time, just not doing justice to some amazing cities. It’s not like I come on holidays to relax because I can do that 24/7 in Maryhole 😏

Sofitel has been fine but haven’t checked out yet and got final bill🤞. It’s a good location and quiet . Am checked in tomorrow for flight at 1130 to Philly but of course will be out there ridiculously early 😀. Into a VRBO this time rather than hotels so hopefully a bit more relaxing .


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