HHH – Day 5

Posted: October 26, 2022 in Uncategorized

Last full day of being full in a Vegas. Off to Chicago tomorrow at 630 am so means a very early start for this LBD . Some planning then was required as to which drinking establishments deserved the honour of my company .

Starting the day with an Irish Coffee seemed a solid plan and a good start with a 3 pronged attack first up. Ri Ra at Mandelay Bay was a 25 min walk so even though the left knee has gone out in sympathy with right ankle headed off on another glorious day. The coffee was nothing special but no Starbucks either to be sure 😏

Then it was time to check out Allegiant Stadium although pedestrian access was a bit tricky. Needed to cross Frank Sinatra Drive and then Dean Martin drive but both fast moving freeways .Went the long way around over Hacienda Ave and got there eventually . It is a very impressive place for us Raiders fans

The third leg of my cunning plan was another 15 min walk to Hollywood Car museum which liked the look of. Glad made the effort as has pretty much every famous car you could think of. Don’t believe me ?Make yourself a cuppa

I could feel a song coming on George so naturally sat down and entertained the yokels with a bit of “ You Are My Sunshine “

My other bit of clever planning involved using the Monorail as the MGM is the final stop and the Sahara the first stop. Time to Uber to Sahara given we are in the desert after all. Not having to deal with constant pain momentarily freed the brain to hatch a clever plan in the back seat . The Monorail Drinking Game – patent pending . Have a drink at all 6 stops .

The Sahara was surprisingly impressive given its age and there was some great Rat Pack images . The Casbar was also a treat , ah Thank you very much .🕺🏻

To be fair I skipped the next two stops as no bars before arriving at Harrahs. Time for some lunch I guess which I tend to forget when on these drink runs . Walk Ons was a Taste of Louisiana so had some boom boom shrimp which was delicious.

Next stop was Caesars via Flamingo . A bit of a trek but not a bad thing at this stage . It’s a place that looks impressive on the outside but a bit gaudy and pretentious inside. Found a bar but staff rather indifferent

Skipped the Paris stop as was there on Monday and carried on to the MGM . Decided on an Expresso Martini at Mansion Casino as had heard good things . It was fine but like the Irish Coffee it’s all down to individual tastes

On way back to room noticed pool on other side of MGM was open and looked inviting. A sober up wouldn’t hurt at this stage , back for the sluggos . Great way to chill for an hour

A couple of hours back in room to relax before heading out for a last drink. Had an Irish bar lined up for a Guinness tradition but left run a bit late and ended up in beer garden with a plastic cup 😢

My Gambling Experience/Tips in Vegas.( Knowledge Level -1)

So, on way back to rooms finally stopped in casino and put $20 in a slot . A few spins a few bells and cashed out $41. That earns another drink. Went to nearest bar and ordered a Southern Comfort . No one knows AMERICAN Sting here 😏 Every second bar has gambling machines at seat

“ Are you gambling Sir (Poker) “?
No, why
“Well if u r can comp the $15 Sc “
Line em up Chauncey
Put $20 in and played for 10 mins. Cashed out $15

So half an hour of fun and $15 up. Just enough for takeaway Nathan’s Hotdog and Fries. Living the life #highroller

And that’s is from Vegas folks, it’s been a blast

As long as I can wake up at 330 in morning should be on the 630 am flight to Chicago. Weather looks good 7 -15 . Darool Darool

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