HHH – Day 4

Posted: October 25, 2022 in Uncategorized

Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to another glorious day . Threw open the curtains and suddenly a malaise came over me and my euphoria faded . Didn’t know why but then it dawned on me

Not a lot of time for breakfast so was stuck with Starbucks on site and when I say stuck I mean I stuck the coffee cup in the bin after first sip. The ham and cheese croissant would have to do.

Picked up on time and the old # canemagic worked a treat again as invited to sit up front next to driver in the comfy solo chair

It was easy to spot the trouble makers in the group as they missed the pick up and were connected back to us by another driver. They were never late after that but always last back which of course being morons they thought was funny. 2.5 hr drive out with a mid way comfort stop just after we crossed into Arizona. Looks an exciting place

We stopped at the stopping point which kinda made sense. It was called Eagle Point and where the Skywalk is situated . Ward , my close up driving pal and tour guide , suggested to spend most of our time at second spot Guano Point. Sounded like a bat shit crazy idea to me . I did pay for Skywalk but after hearing about the no phones, special shoes etc caper passed on and after a few snaps went to Skyview restaurant for the excellent included lunch. Then onto Guano and it was indeed stunning

Bought a couple of tacky souvenirs to fill in time because of course I was first back to bus. Then onto Hoover Dam on way back to Vegas. An impressive erection indeed and quite alarming to see the low water levels. The Pat Tillman bridge above is apparently the second tallest bridge in the world. The tallest is made up entirely of thrown away Starbucks coffee cups. Fact

It is surprisingly close to Vegas so dropped off just before 5pm. Asked to be dropped at Bellagio as wanted to see fountains and couldn’t see me coming back at night. Glorious colours once more at that time of day

Picked up a salad for dinner on way home and also some T Shirts for kidlets so have a carefree day tomorrow . As today was alcohol free I suggest that will quickly be remedied tomorrow along with a proper breakfast and begin search for a good coffee. I fear 24 hrs may not be long enough

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