HHH – Day 3

Posted: October 24, 2022 in Uncategorized

Maybe some late jet lag but rough nights sleep . Maybe too excited for todays plans 😏 No noise as such from rooms but every door that closes is loud . Slept in longer than wanted to in the end and didn’t get up until almost 730 am so must have got some sleep 😳 . Wanted to get up early to trek down to Welcome to Vegas sign. Determined to walk and deal with pain later. Simply a glorious day with the bluest of blue skies . The walk was supposed to be 45 mins but more like an hour as kept stopping to take more photos .

Eventually made it and was duly greeted by the King. Hey, he doesn’t look great but not bad for someone need dead for 45 years . I made his day anyway

And for that quintessential USA shot , applause now please

Of course starting early means not a lot open including the Pinball Museum sadly. I trekked back slowly and then back onto strip for some shopping . It was a full morning certainly playing geeky tourist but one thing I do know with ankle is once you stop the trouble starts . Avoided alcohol for a change and just headed home for a couple of hours to plan later day activities. Going to head up to Fremont Street and hopefully catch a couple of nearby museums. Tomorrow is full day at Grand Canyon so hope to be home before too late but obviously like to hang around until sun sets at least if I can . Too far to walk so will Uber once more .

Headed off to Mob Museum first . It’s an interesting place certainly but maybe too much detail for this LBD

Luckily there was a bar downstairs . “ I assume you only serve shots ?” . Blank look so had a Rumbo for a change . A change as in $1 left out of a $20 . He may not have been holding a gun but it was certainly a robbery

Then it was time for the 15 min walk to Neon Boneyard and Museum to see if a spare ankle lying around. It’s an impressive place and would really sparkle at night. Much like me

I decided to walk the 25 mins back to Fremont Street Experience but certainly wouldn’t do it at night time. It was a dodgy area . It’s an interesting place certainly and would go off like a frog in a sock at night I imagine. First up decided to try the Slotzilla as had read up on it and looked fun . It was great to be well hung at last

Time for a drink then and found a perfect bar adjacent and had a couple of beers as needed to sit and relax a bit and wait for the sun to go down

As expected FSE went off at 6 pm. The Killers were on Vista Vision and it was a visual and audio delight . Some amusing folk around too of course

It was a stunning day all round in Vegas with simply glorious weather . I achieved a lot which is good as Wednesday will need to be a quiet day as am really paying for all the walking today . Here is one I prepared earlier

Tomorrow is full day tour to Grand Canyon via Hoover Dam. Should be great with much less walking and no expensive Ubers 😏

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