HHH – Day 2

Posted: October 23, 2022 in Uncategorized

Good room at Courtyard LAX noise wise on 4 th floor on side away from airport . Only issue was a loud AC you could not turn off . Was always going to be an odd nights sleep but got some at least . Decided to skip the limited options for breakfast at hotel and head straight out to airport at 8 am even if 4 hrs until flight . Glad I did but first let’s check the account . Bloody USA 😏


Room Charge 218.00

Room Tax 30.52

Convention and Tourism Tax 4.36

Calif/Local Tourism Fee 0.44

La Hotel Ordinance Fee 10.72

La Ordinance Occ Tax 1.50

La Ordinance Trsm Tax 1.50

American Express 0.21

Total 265.75

Beautiful morning , typical LA this time of year

One thing you have to remember is the tipping and make sure you have plenty of 5s . Not the usual ripping but things like the shuttle bus driver, the bag check guy at airport etc . The shuttle was a nightmare . 5 min trip could 20 mins but couldn’t walk the few klms with this ankle . You know the one fixed by that $ 5000 surgery 5 months ago .

It was checkers and kept stopping to pick up more passengers ! Checked in online with AA last night so just needed to drop off bag. Used the curb side guy – another tip – but worth it . I am a Silver FF and QC member with Qantas and really think it is worth for some OS benefits if nothing else. All tickets are marked “priority “ and you do skip some lanes trust me. And of course entry to the superb Admirals Flagship lounge at LAX – simply one of the best . It’s 8 am and the place is full of champers and red wine. None of that “ not before midday nonsense “ . My chef – let’s call him Frank – made me a simply wonderful fresh Quesadilla which left me just to get the Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne eh. Here is one Frank prepared earlier

Flight to Vegas seems to be on time at this stage leaving just after midday for the short flight . Now just have to work out that morning coffee

As always AA overbook and try to offload passengers at boarding with offers of $350 travel credit for a $150 flight 🤔 Then they ask for passengers to check in their carry on if in last 2 groups as plane is full . Meanwhile the first seven groups walk on with massive and multiple carry on bags 🤦🏻‍♂️ I boarded ok once I got past the fans

Anyway a quick flight and then had to walk a mile to our baggage claim. It was Vegas so there were slot machines in airport

Then I shit you not there were about 200 people waiting for taxis . It was an efficient process though and on way in 15-20 mins. Checked in fine and got Tower 3 which is quite maybe but further from strip. It was 37 th floor but not strip view

First job then was an AT&T Sim and saw closest was 35 min walk so Ubered. All sorted but by now money was leaking quick eg the Sim is $65 . Total is $80 Sir. Why ? $ 15 to activate Sim. Tell me Sweetheart do many people buy a Sim and not activate it 🤷🏻‍♂️ So, team vote was walk back but via Strip just to add another 30 mins . Lovely time of day

By now I needed a beer and closest was a Pizza place

Rinsed the tonsils and of course as soon as hobbled another 5 mins found the perfect spot so stopped again. We will always have Paris

Dusk was approaching so couldn’t resist some more photos just in case .

Just in case you ask ? The ankle is fucked. Really pissed off with this almost 6 months post surgery and worse than before 😡 Anyway made the long way back to Tower through MGM casino and seriously took 15 mins to get through so stopped for a bite . Strombolis are my new fave

Back up in room and time for some research for a full on tourist day tomorrow . There could be more photos . Meanwhile

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