Hobblin’ from Halloween to The Hudson – Day 1 (HHH -1)

Posted: October 21, 2022 in Uncategorized

You know, the day when you arrive before you leave but haven’t slept for 36 hrs. 🤔 All on track at present but won’t relax until sitting in my seat and buckled in on QF 93 tonight in Melbourne and we are heading down the runway. Leaving late at night of course does not help with the extent of the “no sleep” period

As luck, or clever planning, would have it have been in Brisvegas a few days early to catch up with family and so have missed the current weather Armageddon in Maryhole and hopefully have left Brisvegas before it arrives here later today. May be some damage in the floodwaters especially as could be the submerged Maryhole Dome lurking under the surface 😏

Caught up with Mum at Twilight home with bro in tow . I am the handsome one on the right . She is still doing ok although did have another fall last night. Always a concern

Today we had a lovely brunch prepared by CLP at Windsor before we headed to airport. As always when you leave a little early everything moves smoothly and sitting in lounge with 2.5 hrs to spare😏 Luckily it wasn’t crowded apart from one other oddly handsome fellow . The people you meet eh

JL finally heading home to Melbourne and totally fortuitous on same flight. With weather around was offered an earlier flight but only in economy and have been assured by experts that planes fly in heavy rain just not storms 🤞 Of course if flight from Brisbane significantly delayed then the troubles begin .

It wasn’t. Great flight down in Business. Only 12 seats right . The hot meal looked great . Last served and only left with “ cold alternative “ as in an alternative to actual food 😏 4 kgs of beetroot , 3 small Bocconcini and a shit load of chick peas. Horrid. Washed down with wine, rum, wine. To be fair Hostie had to eat it too .Bid farewell to JL ( who both got the hot meal !) and was hard to walk away with Lorraine crying like that . I promised her we would see them in another 8 months and that seemed to calm her down .

Arrived early . Easy transit to International and quick security check. To date plate and screws remain undetectable . I may have to remove them just for a final check. So, sitting in Business Lounge at Melboring and it is pretty ordinary at 8 pm. Food so so and no service but plenty of alcohol to hook into.

Two other comments . The wi fi on board was excellent and very useful . The Air Tags work a treat. Here is one I just prepared

QF 93 left on time with a smooth boarding process. When the clown in front of me changed into his own Qantas PJs on the tarmac I knew two things – he was a tool and a seat recline was in my immediate future

The PE on Dreamliner is a perfectly acceptable “better than cattle class” alternative. Leg room is not great but all other aspects are great. Not a fan of 10 pm long haul flights . You have a heavy dinner at midnight and then 10 hrs later breakfast and then an hour later you walk off the plane at 6pm , 4 hrs before ya left. It does your head in I tell ya. Mind you the lamb shank meal was probably the best airline meal ever had and I’ve flown Jetstar 🕺🏻

Arrived 5 mins early and it was a good time to descend at least

LA customs was busy of course. Here is a tip younguns , carry a walking cane. A nice man directed me to the “Diplomats and Special Assistance “ lane and through in 15 mins . The hobble to the airport shuttle pick up was long and stood around for 20mins until it arrived and then of course last dropped off at Courtyard Marriott . Looks a nice room and did a quick mini unpack and then ducked down for that first beer on foreign soil and paced myself with a Bud Light. I’m a stayed not a sprinter

Officially Shaggus O Murphy now so time for bed before heading out to airport around 9 am tomorrow for midday flight to Vegas

Ankle …… 4/10 . It’s very bad but suspect could get a lot worse so didn’t want to shoot my load early


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