Hobblin’ from Halloween to the Hudson(HHH) – The Prelude

Posted: October 17, 2022 in Uncategorized

Just hope we have a better landing than Sully. Come to think of it , just hope we take off on Saturday, the rest will work itself out

So, while it is definitely still a Crapshoot my fondness for alliteration was unsated so came up with a new title which also reflects the major concern leading into vaycay – the ankle is crap. It is well over 5 months now and really no sign of improvement let alone reduction in pain and swelling. A major disappointment to be sure. Has been a busy couple of weeks with lots of driving and mowing on course which doesnt help so hoping just walking and drinking doesnt cause as much after effects or else will have to cut out the walking. Plan usually involves a lot of walking up and down streets and stopping in at bars of quirk.

Its a 4 city extravaganza with some old faves – Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia and NYC. It was a credit for a weeks stay in NYC back in Feb 2020 that started this plan taking shape. Normally would not go back to NYC again so soon but cant afford to throw $2000 away with the current AUD exchange rate! Of course same stay , although fully paid for previously , will now cost an extra $900 USD anyway 😦

Las Vegas is the newbie of course and while never considered myself a Vegas guy it is worth seeing once and a great starting point for Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tour. The excitement levels for this trip are way down and a lot due to post surgery issues and a general lack of confidence all will go smoothly flight wise. 7 flights in total – 3 Qantass and 4 AA. First up on Saturday is fly to Melbourne to catch a Dreamliner to LAX. 4 internal AA flights all in basic economy and longest flight being 5 hrs. Then plan to fly home in style was sunk by Qantass with the first flight cancellation some months ago and now straight from LAX to Brisvegas but in Economy 😦 Upgrade requests are in of course but highly unlikely to be successful with flights being generally chockas at present. Why send an A380 with 10 % spare seats when you can oversell a 787 and save on fuel……

Normally would have several things booked already but a combo of low interest levels and even lower $AUD value only trip booked is a day tour to GC and Hoover Dam. Reality is my financial position , pre Thursday Powerball, is not as flash these days so one has to a bit more careful dolling it out. Am sure once hit the ground in LAX the energy will pick up assuming I didnt break the ankle stepping off the plane

The other treat of course, and this is no trick, is that will be in USA for Halloween for first time ever so can see Yanks being morons up close and personal. Not a holiday I pay much attention to at all but should be good to see the decorations etc and will be in Chicago for that day. Can only hope Halloween Ends for me better than the franchise. What a load of crap that was

Also a different time of year. Devoted fans would know I love the snowy times of February usually in USA so will be interesting to be there in Fall where temperatures will still be pleasant but no snow . By the time I fly out of NYC mid November it could be quite brisk. Am sure it will be a great holiday and remind me why I love to travel but just not feeling it at present. Will head to Brisveags a few days early to see Mum and also hopefully catch up with brother and sister as he has just returned from an overseas cruise

What is always a delight of course is catching up with part of the six pack , this time in Toowoomba for Old Farts day. The kids are all musically talented and it was agreat set up this year at TACAPS to wander the grounds and come across a performance. Alos briefly saw Ryan who is just the sweetest young boy you could ask for

Will sign off now and start the checking and packing . When next we hear from our hero he should be sitting in the LAX hotel waiting to catch first flight to Vegas on Sunday remembering of course we arrive before we leave on Saturday:) And have to factor in daylight saving for Melboring too!

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