Its All a Crapshoot

Posted: September 30, 2022 in Uncategorized

As October rolls around there is only one constant in life at present and that is inaccurate weather forecasts. Oh, and pain. Lets review

Booked over 6 months ago , a loose term these days, to fly out to USA in 3 weeks for first OS travel in a couple of years. Normally bed flute pointing northwards and pants around the ankles right ? Its kinda appropriate that first stop , hopefully, is Vegas because at present the holiday …..wait for it….is all a crapshoot.

First up the ankle at 4 months post surgery is no better than 4 months pre surgery. Cant walk 10 m without pain even with my “Jimmy” Shoes and wrapping/compression bandages. Jimmy shoes u ask ? If u r not a Seinfeld fan why are you reading this…..but ok

One thing surgeon told me – apart from fact I would be doing cartwheels at 12 weeks – was to get some “rocker sole” shoes to wear after moonboot phase to assist with a normal gait. Last normal gait I had was in ’79 but ok. Well , taking almost $300 out of my wallet in right back pocket may have helped a bit with balance but any other benefits largely escape me at present

The main issue apart from pain is swelling so hence the compression bandages. Luckily no 13 hr flights coming up soon…… Of course, compression bandages do have to come off. Lets see how well they worked yesterday. Yep, a crapshoot

Its fair to say that my usual “let the city flow over you approach” by walking everywhere in USA as planned when first lined up for surgery 4 months ago will be back to hobble for 10 , whine and moan for 10, rest for 5, rinse, repeat. Luckily the sidewalks of NYC are never crowded. Even with these limitations imposed late in the 3rd quarter on yours truly would not be enough to counter my usual excuberant and effervescent approach to life in general. Now, lets factor in Qantas

Lordy Lordy what a crapshoot. My one mistake may have been to join the “Qantas Comments and Gripes” section on Facebook. Fair to say the gripes are winning in a landslide. The horror stories you read are hard to believe at times and lets face it the covid/flu season/excuse is mostly over here in Australia. Now we are back to the general incompetence of many decisions Joyce and Co have made in recent years impacting. Flights cancelled regularly , baggage missing, seats changed. Of course when the Syd-LAX flight is cancelled for example the flow on effect is a day later the LAX-SYD will be cancelled as no plane over there now ! Latest example yesterday… A couple in their 70s were actually seated with belt on in Business Class when notified by staff they would have to shift to economy so that some extra flight crew in their 30s could have their BC seats! A lot is removal of A 380s from flights as happened with me a month ago. Paid top price for Premium Economy over and back and because only A 330 – with no PE- used for Bri-LAX I had to fly via Melbourne first up to catch an A 380/Dreamliner. Or so you would think. Nah, they cancelled my return flight on Nov 14th and dumped me onto …..wait for it….. the A 330 to Brisbane. “But Sir, you are in the same seat number – 35 B” Yeah but this one is in fucking economy you moron. Its a different model aircraft! So basically for next 3 weeks instead of getting excited and planning daily adventures you wake up and quickly check emails to see if any from Qantas 😦 Of course we know only too well always the chance of the dreaded 2 am message on day of flight despite any possible comfort you may be feeling by then ! It seems that Qantas have zero care factor now and rely on fact that ” all airlines are struggling” and because of that many people will accept what they are told, me included, simply to get OS. Its really that first major flight out of Australia that is critical. After that, you can deal with most things because you are actually “on holidays”. “Most things” include 4 internal AA flights 😦 Will I actually get to the USA in 3 weeks? Who knows, afterall its ALL A CRAPSHOOT

Luckily others things have happened recently

CLP had a birthday late last month and we spent a lovely weekend together at Flashman Inc., Sunshine Coast. Some of us even got in the water . The Ponderosa is certainly looking a treat.

Always on the lookout for a new dining experience and have to say may have lucked out with Orleans at Maroochydore . Doesnt look much from outside but great ambience indoors and a superb 4 course tasting menu to follow. French and Cajun influence. With matching wines natch. Good serving pour size too just quietly

This last week some of the Toowoomba Tribe visited when Tony and the 3 kidlets came out for the day and night. We did go to golf but of course I didnt play. I did take one shot though and maybe this “lock the back foot and just swing arms” may work out moving forward. Of course now I need to remember to add about two clubs to compensate for lost distance. You cant lose natural talent eh….

It was a quiet Thursday afternoon at the GC under cloudy skies so basically perfect to take our time and enjoy mother nature. Kids get pleasure out of simple things like just driving the golf carts , raking bunkers and laughing at Grandad.

After a few hours on GC and the sun shining through lets head upstairs to bar for a beer as its nice and quiet. Walked past the young lass in Pro Shop as we all headed upstairs. Remember I had bandages on and a walking cane. Not a peep. It was a Ghost Town upstairs with no one behind bar or even in office. Eventually Tony walked back down stairs and asked young lass. “No, the bar is closed ” It was 3 pm. Hey, you don’t have any cheese by any chance eh Ms Wensleydale? Fuck me Slowly, what a joke. Had a lovely dinner with the new go to fail safe “air fryer roast chicken” . Threw a couple of beds together and it was actually a coolish night but then these kids are Toowoomba Tough. They then headed off next morning for a lovely catch up at the beach on the glorious day with the Beachmere Boys.

Not a lot of planning to do then except maybe a slight detour to Mt Rushmore to see the latest addition of Rod Stewart carved in the mountain

So, when next we hear from our hero he should be stateside . Or in the fetal position, Time will tell. After all,…..trumpets please…….ITS ALL A CRAPSHOOT

Oh, and in case you missed it the Queen is dead.

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