HHH – Day 6

Posted: October 27, 2022 in Uncategorized

Shocking nights sleep with a 3am wake up call in. Not sure I slept at all and was awake certainly before any call. All packed last night so just had to check out and catch a cab to airport. Of course I arrived ridiculously early at 4am for a 630 am flight but wasn’t gambling just because still in Vegas . It was already getting busy and is a cut lunch between terminals. $5 for the valet $10 extra for the cabbie, $5 tip for the desk side bag drop. I tell ya, money is flowing down the drain over here and don’t get me started on the $65 cab fare today. Of course little anal me straight away converts to $AUD and then the real tears start

Anyhoo thought would get something to eat at Ruby’s in Terminal D and the only hot option was a egg/bacon type muffin for $10 so asked for “ the muffin thanks “ . Got some juice as well so suprised when bill was only $9 and thought was on a winner again . Waited and then they bought my muffin out “ you want jelly with that Hon “? Duh , no why would I . Ok so they sold me a fucking toasted muffin and nothing else not even butter . FMS . Not a good start . Plane was chockers as usual and it was a cramped 3.5 hr flight but arrived a few mins early , bag came out quickly as did Taxi. Slow trip in of course but arrived around 130 pm which was a great result . Checked in. “ The mini bars in the room don’t work at present. Would you like a fridge ? Well of course.”Ok we will send one up and it is now sitting in middle of floor ! It’s a pleasant room certainly on the 22 nd floor but not really as luxurious as advertised. It will do of course

Then it was time to get lay of land and also cross off first tradition – a visit to Billy Goat Tavern for a cheezeborger. About a 15 min walk . Headed down just in T Shirt and jeans as had been a busy last hour. Lordy Lordy . Temp said it was 15 but you always have to factor in wind chill. Quickly back up stairs for jumper and still a bit cool . Glad I bought some gloves and beanie in case

Wasn’t quite grabbing me yet and then headed up to Michigan Ave and remembered what I love about Chicago – the buildings. Think Fall will be a good time to visit as well. Walked the Magnificent Mile and can see some Halloween Happenings around

When word spread that Mr Magnificent was actually on the Mile today the Press gathered of course

Time then to head home after a very long day and pick up some supplies . On these jaunts I do drink a lot at different places but rarely do the eating caper justice and pick up a salad or similar and have an early night . Part of the problem, or joy, of solo travelling but really couldn’t be sitting down to fancy meals every day at these prices . Give me drinking anytime . Speaking of which let’s check out the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey offering at Sofitel – LE Bar. It was damn fine actually and had a very cold Sam Adams. Then I had a beer……

Last and only visit to Chicago was in 2014. There will be some double up of course like with Billy Goat but will do some research tonight but if weather nice tomorrow then likely start at Navy Pier , about a 20 min walk . At this stage weather looks pretty good for the 5 night stay with maybe some rain on Sunday

Before signing off some things that do annoy me about USA Lodgings apart from all the taxes. Again no utensils or plates as such , just a couple of glasses. No microwave, no kettle, no toaster . It’s all designed to gouge the customer . And of course no laundary 😡

Which raises the question , Why would women stay here , let alone how do they fill the day in 🤔

Ouch .

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