BBB – Day 4

Posted: April 21, 2021 in Uncategorized

Certainly a tad brisk in the mornings and of course stays dark until lunch time but this why we travel – experience the culture of distant lands. When I find some culture in Victoria you will be the first to know trust me . Today could be the start with the Mary Quant exhibit on at the Bendigo Art Gallery. When first mentioned am sure I heard Merry Quart so quickly agreed as assumed it was a winery . Alas no but the good news is there are only 110 garments on display to check out. At least now may get some sympathy as Lorraine has suggested I try using a crutch to support whichever particular joint is causing most pain that day. Today’s winner is…….ankle. Am sure the cooler weather in general ain’t helping but does come with its benefits , the prime one being it’s not Maryhole ! I wonder if it’s cooler outside

It is . Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to Bendigo we go . Could I be any keener ?

Bendigo Art Gallery was exactly where I left it last time . Now was my last chance to escape but the bloody crutch slowed me down 😰

Oh well, when in Rome. Being about some Sheila from the 60s there certainly were some great images of a great period. You just had to move 110 dresses to see them . Oddly I was the only male there , at least of the straight variety . A couple of well dressed men seemed particularly interested in my crutch. It was then I wish I hadn’t left the walking aid back in the car or I could have hit them over the head with it 🕺🏻

The time literally flew by and what seemed like only an hour and 10 mins was actually an hour and 10 mins 😏 Then it was time for an early lunch in town . Very tasty chicken curry at Hoo-Gah hit the spot before some minor shopping was done and then back on the road.

Decamped back at Windy Hill on Cloudy Day. The sun wasn’t threatening and nor was 15 degrees. Perfect . Weather predicted to remain much the same all stay . Big Bro is due home any minute so will sign off now and start drinking some water in preparation for night ahead.

Knee 4/10 – maybe switch crutch tomorrow

Ankle 6/10 – crutch assisted

Chance of a good nights sleep – 0/ 10 but nothing to do with knee or ankle I suspect …

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