BBB – Day 3

Posted: April 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

They say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I must be a moron. Only explanation for why I would line up for another 35 min walk to breakfast this morning. We have our fave haunts in Melboring and another is Seven Seeds Coffee Roastery in Carlton. Maybe I should get my nuts roasted if I maintain this goldfish like memory! Mind you, the look on the business owners faces when we rock up and they remember us is almost worth the pain that will surely follow.

The weather has cleared as predicted and a pleasant 8 degrees in the city . Not a bad nights sleep all things considered so onward and upward . Now just to try and get out of bed first . First dilemma of course is do I wear the new swag from yesterday or go with the tried and tested ? As my last few hours in Melbourne thought best not to tease the female populace and then leave them hanging so will save the new stuff for the 3 ladies that live in Harcourt knowing that one has already been vaccinated against the Ferguson Male species. It’s that rare case where the actual disease is the clot rather than a pleasant side effect of the jab.

Headed off with remnants of night still with us. Luckily there was a guiding light from Buffoon Bob. Lordy Lordy take me now

Crossed the street quickly and soldiered on . Finally made it and pleased to see it hasn’t changed . Very full breakfast indeed and a good coffee is all one can reasonably ask for . Seemed a tad early for a lap dance to be honest

By now had decided time to try out this Myki card and also save lower extremities for later tomfoolery . Hopped on at Victoria markets and …. in the free tram zone, DO NOT use Myki card . Oh well. Down to Flinders Street then . Or so we thought . Approached to within about 300m for yet another stop and to be fair a lot of people got on. No announcement mind you. Then we hit reverse! Ok, so we got off at Little Collins and were able to walk off some more of that breakfast .

Our short stay in Melboring has been great but now time to catch a slow moving train northwards to bustling Kyneton. Langhams has been great and level of service is excellent . Train left on time, always a good start . Not crowded so should be a relaxing 70 min trip . The chick across the aisle started to hit on me straight up of course. Looked familiar but these masks are confusing

Our Uber was waiting for us at Kyneton station as we arrived on a simply glorious day. First stop was the Little Swallow Cafe which was a rocking for a Wednesday . Very passable Reuben sandwich hit the spot which was suitably pre lubricated by the local froth in an ice cold glass

It was certainly brisk on the street . In fact you could say it was Fook Shing cold and if you don’t believe they even have the sign to make sure

Lorraine asked if I would like a paddle now and was starting to think the K in Kyneton maybe stood for kinky 😳 Alas my concerns were allayed as we continued down the main drag to Animus Gin distillery . Pretty impressive looking place for a small town. That was the next hour sorted

Then the words all men fear. “ There are a couple of nice dress shops up the other end of town” . To be fair it was a short stop but fear could be a forerunner for tomorrow. If only there was some fashion exhibit on at the museum as well 😏 I am outnumbered at present until Bro arrives home tomorrow night . On the bright side does leave more wine for me . Now just have to find a nice fire , take off a few bandages and straight into the slippers. Hey, there is one over there . Later folks

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