BBB – Day 2

Posted: April 19, 2021 in Uncategorized

As expected a shocker of a nights sleep. Lovely quiet room but have the cement encased doona as only option so either lay on top and get a chill or lay under and can’t move. Not as if the room AC was doing much except making noise . Some investigation is required

Which does remind me. Again, when in a city ( usually OS to be fair) that has potential for chilly climes as soon as night time temps drop below about 18 degrees all restaurants have to have the bloody thermonuclear heating devices right next to you. And fark me if the locals still don’t rock up in head to toe velvet . I suspect the Universal Cafe may be a Fave for the student brigade as seriously 90% last night were having the chicken parm and chips plate and it was massive . Probably only meal for the day . I digress

Today’s plan then first up was to find a breakfast option nearby that came in under the 2000 calorie limit self imposed momentarily . And a good coffee. And all before the bad weather rolls In around 10 am. I suspect the weather forecasting is no better down here but Melboring does have a rep for some fast moving dodgy weather . Quick peek outside indicates we are good to go

So we went . Wasn’t sure where we would go for breakfast but we will cross that bridge at the time. Here is one I prepared earlier

Slowly made our way into CBD and have to say still seems rather quiet these days even at 8 am. Found the Block Arcade and asked Scotty Cam what he would recommend for breakfast . Of course he went with the French option of Cafe St Germaine and we opted for the crepes. Tres delicious and while waiting for Pierre got a haircut and met some locals

Weather still good so to make most of it walked the 27 kms to DFO. Put CLP to shame with a wild shopping extravaganza of jeans , shoes and a belt . By now the skies were gray as we waddled back to Langhams to offload the goodies . And some other things . CLP was keen for lunch at Il Solito Posto but it had been impossible to book as they were not open until 1130 am today and were not answering phone before that . Being seat of your pants type relaxed folk we trudged up to arrive around 1135 and take our chances . The place was jumping as apparently they open at 1030 am for coffee. Just don’t answer the fucking phone it seems. So Mario said he could squeeze us in but don’t serve lunch until midday. I suggested maybe we could order a coffee and wait and we became best buds after that . Or so I thought. He looked after us well and took order even before midday . Sadly we didn’t get our main meal until 40 mins later even though others around us ordered afterwards and were eating before us. When he bought our plates he informed us the risotto takes longer “ I should have told you “ Odd then how the Sheila behind me is hoeing into a risotto she ordered after us. Unfriended Mario! It was a lovely meal of course and well worth the effort

By now some rain was falling but not too disruptive so a last check at Myers on way home to see if could finally get CLP to buy something before settling in for the afternoon . It had been a long and productive day but man the body is falling apart

Knee 3 /10

Ankle 0.5/10

The Langham has been great and could well become our go to Melboring hotel. It is a very classy joint only enhanced by my presence natch . Mind you the first hotel have stayed out I recall that has condoms in the mini fridge. Something cool to slip into after a hard day 😏

Misty afternoon ahead so will chill for a few and could be a relaxing bath in near future . After a fair go at the old feed bag last 24 hrs we thought we would stay in tonight and get the Charcuterie Board and Bottle of Wine deal delivered to our room . Luckily there won’t be much eating or drinking at our Harcourt Haven for next 5 days………..

It’s fair to say that the actual charcuterie board does not bear a close resemblance to the pictured one 😏 $79 doesn’t get you much these days and who needs 3 breadsticks! Only going to cause a fight in a couple. Mind you we did score with the good champers

Off to Harcourt North tomorrow via a train to Kyneton. Weather forecast in Harcourt tomorrow is mouth watering . 1 to 14 degrees

Darool Darool

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