Bubbles , Brothers and Booze – Day 1

Posted: April 18, 2021 in Uncategorized

Finally some travel not involving car only is here . It is a flight/accomodation credit from 10 months ago finally looking like happening. Originally planned as 5 days in Melboring and a few days with Bro and Wifey in Harcourt. All booked and then a couple on months ago our accomodation in Melboring contacted us to say yeah no, it ain’t happening Sonny. They did give a full refund so quickly changed to a couple of days at the Langham and then extended the free loading at Harcourt as you do from a few days to a few more . Hence we are in the travel bubble ( green zone permit) , we will be seeing my brother and we will be drinking every day. Hence, the title ain’t rocket science folks. Still clever though eh

Early start from Maplehead had us looking for a park in P1 with only 3 hrs until flight 😏 Of course when planned it all did not realise it would be same day as travel bubble with NZ opened. Being we are domestic not a major issue but have to say Qantas Domestic is very busy on a Monday morning with all the workers heading off to regional Qld it appears . Looks like an episode of Orange is the New Black here in the club .

So, safely ensconced in Qantas Club for a couple of hours . Coffee was fine but food options limited . Still all very good considering the troubled times we are still in. Just a basic economy flight down as saving up the money for the booze later on. Of course this was before latest medical episode . Had been having some knee issues last few weeks so went to Doc and had X-ray done. It would appear a knee replacement is in my future due to “ degeneration “ but not next week so just suck it up for now. Spooky as DGen always a fave.

Needless to say it may cause some issues with sitting in a cramped seat etc. Time will tell . Walking the streets of Melboring shopping may be curtailed as well as not all bad news….

Well , we left on time so that’s a good start . They usually claim “ in flight wi fi available “ but rarely works. This time it did , even at the fat end of the plane. Now , how to make 1 bikkie and a cup of tea last 2 hrs. If only I had a paper to read …

All my whining pays off at times as CLP organised a limo driver to take us to our Langham Lodgings and thus avoid any more GU momentarily. Room was ready and is a great corner room as requested so all settled in and not even 1 pm

Time then for some lunch and always like a Guinness first up at PJ OBriens . Easy walking distance but CLP insisted on driving

Time then to relax for a bit before heading up to Lygon Street later for dinner and drinks. At this stage plan on walking so leaving at 230 pm! We do have our Myki cards though just in case

Well I made it 100 m and then settled in for a G&T once we saw the Fever Tree sign. Our first, but not last, introduction to scan in menu and order and pay on your phone. Then they expect a tip as well ! FMS. Then headed off for the hour trek to Lygon Street and settled in at Johnny’s Bar which was a rooftop bar of course so just a bit of extra climbing. Great views back over city and very noice beer. Then back to Universal Cafe for a very tasty Italian meal .

By now full as a goog so despite multiple atrocities below the waist needed to walk home. Hey it was downhill. Of course anyone else who has bad knees and ankles knows downhill often worse. After a slow crawl we saw the Lights of Langham in the distance a mere 300 m away. Sweet I would be home in 25 mins 😏

So , a full day in all that does remind us why we love Melboring. Rain expected tomorrow but we shall cope . At present just want my bed

Knee 4/10

Ankle 3/10

Chance of good nights sleep 0/10

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