BBB – Day 5

Posted: April 22, 2021 in Uncategorized

Despite some impressive imbibing last night slept pretty well and woke up dull eyed and bushy tailed as usual. Despite the cool temps outside the house is toasty with the wood fire burning 24/7 . Main plan today is a lunch time visit to Balgownie Winery Eatery near Bendigo. We know when we start just not sure when we will finish…..

Let’s check the weather first and always best to ignore the 37 weather apps and just look outside . Sweet

An easy morning lazing around the homestead had us all dressed up and nowhere to go at 11 am. So we went to Balgownie Winery . When we arrived they were shooting promo shots for Twins 2 – The Later Years

It was an impressive looking cellar door with beautiful Autumn colours

Thought we would go with the tasting session first as I wasn’t driving . Certainly passable range but nothing stood out as such. The main problem was we were being served by Smitty . It was a slow process

Suitably lubricated we thought let’s lock in the tasting menu. Information was light on and while it was a stated “ 6 course “ there was no idea as to what each course was. As no “ matching wine “ option was offered thought it was best to go with a bottle of white and red 😏

Started off slowly with one oyster each and then a toothpick flavoured by wagu beef. At $95 per head for food only alarm bells were starting to ring. However from there on things picked up and ended up excellent value for money . The food was ample and tasty but the actual interaction with staff was not what one expects for a quality degustation. No real explanation of each course as tasty as they may have been . We checked with the menu each time to check what we were actually eating. 3 bottles of wine helped . The desserts were especially impressive though. On the plus side might have got a knob kiss with the bill as suspect they missed one of the bottles of wine

An easy way to spend 3 hours so we thought time to waddle outside into the emerging sunshine in very pleasant grounds. Designated driver probably needed 30 mins rest 😏 I made the mistake of asking Smitty to take the photos so framing was questionable

Time to head home and settle in for the night . Food may not be required but one never says never at 430 pm in the afternoon. While we decide let’s sit outside in the cold and have another expressi martini . They don’t have alcohol in them do they….

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