Coronavirus 0 Bwana Boy 1 – The Bounce Back

Posted: March 17, 2020 in Travel

Day 2 Official Wear South African Souvenir Day

Given we never got to South Africa the choice was simple

Today dawned bright and clear only interrupted by the noise of planes taking off nearby. Apparently. Good nights sleep in our luxurious suite . I wondered why CLP was not still sound asleep beside me given it was only 8am 😏 Then I opened the curtains and bugger me if she wasn’t waving from window seat 19E as QF 507 took off . On time of course ….

Then I heard the kettle boil and realised it was of course morning cuppa time and CLP was doing sheila duties . Ouch . The person I saw in the window seat must have been Rita Wilson finally leaving . What will I do now that I can’t follow her daily Instagram on “ What to do when in Isolation”? 🤬

So, today’s plan was rather simple. Don’t get COVID-19 . Leisurely walk into adjacent shopping complex for a hearty breakfast at Coffee Club . We wanted some Vegemite on Toast but fucking Tom Hanks had ordered every jar in Qld to take back with him. We settled for a couple of share plates as you do

Leisurely check out 0930 to move onto next run down detention centre for last night in Brisvegas. Locals call it the Stamford Plaza . All joking aside things are getting serious and we will be very low key today and stay mostly around the hotel. Certainly wont be going to any Irish Pubs. In hindsight we could have gone home today but we are sensible folk and really a night of relaxed comfort not a bad idea after the stress of last week . Some promising news from Safari Sam from two of our 3 booked camps – we can postpone our stay to later . This does indeed mean a return to South Africa between Nov 2020 and March 2021 is still a possibility. Better be 2020 actually as have the T Shirt already . A lot of ducks have to line up – and then hope a Hippo doesn’t swallow them all. Seriously though I fear international flights will not be anywhere near normal for at least 6 months and who knows who will survive that period . It’s a new and different world folks.

In my general relaxed approach at present it is best not to look at Stock Market 😰 First world problems admittedly but let’s face it we could all be living in third world countries soon 😏 We strolled through the “only 24/7 Woolworths “ for a laugh at the DFO megacomplex this morning and of course no toilet rolls, hand sanitiser etc. Aussies buy toilet rolls, Yanks buy guns. After they get their AK 47 do they then go shopping for toilet paper but with attitude 🤔

Arrived at second detention camp – known locally as Stamford Plaza – at 10 am and very pleasantly surprised to see we could get to our room straight away. Time then to hit the pool for a chill and dip

Weather was still pleasant so walked around to our usual haunt at Felons Brewery for a liquid lunch and watch the world go by . Of course there were no cruise ships . I did think it was very thoughtful of the locals to populate the river with some Hippos when they saw our T Shirts. Looked scary but quiet friendly

Time to relax for a few hours this afternoon then . Of course when we walked back into room the message on screen made us sad but ultimately we have made the right decision

Last treat tonight will be dinner at Kabuki Japanese restaurant on site. Will be a unique experience to remember and maybe the last one for a while . Home to Flashman Inc tomorrow before really home to reality – Maryhole – in afternoon . CLP and I will then take a couple of days off the grid and not watch any news or look at any booking sites ! The latest news on Qantas is very grim for everyone, especially staff, for the foreseeable future

In general would say our African Holiday was fun and the locals very friendly . They are sarcastic assholes though. Later dudes

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