Coronavirus 1 Bwana Boy 0

Posted: March 16, 2020 in Travel

It’s been a stressful 48 hrs and despite many negative signs we were pushing on with South Africa trip until 7 pm on Sunday March 15th. The Ides of March . We looked at each other and both said almost simultaneously I’ve had enough. I thought CLP was talking about the lovely cheese platter but in fact we both meant Call Me Bwana 2020 was dead on arrival or at least before take off. It’s a very serious issue not helped by incompetence at the top and across the world . When Scotty from marketing said around 2 pm that all incoming travellers to Australia would be forced to self imposed exile for 14 days from midnight tonight we knew it was over finally. That and that the guy was a fuckwit – how can you give 10 hrs notice of a drastic measure like that . 48 hrs minimum numbnuts.

We could almost certainly have flown out Tuesday and arrived at Johannesburg. After that who knows and chances of getting home 10 days later very slim. This thing won’t get better in 2 weeks only worse . As the Bishop said to the actress

By then Qantas had finally agreed to fee free change but still waiting for the detail because that is where the Devil lingers . We had to come to Brisbane really as wanted to see Mum , Grandkiddies and also had this non refundable hotel room and 2 weeks airport parking! We thought if we get Qantas refund and have to use by May let’s fly to Melbourne for a few days . Unpack SA gear and repack some Melbourne gear . Not that simple
for us trend setters

Day 1

As we booked with a Travel Agent getting Qantas refund not very easy and certainly not quick. Will never use a TA again for anything . Certainly not getting refund in next 48 hrs so Melbourne off – not necessarily a bad thing . Drove down and saw Mum in basic lockdown and then decided to park at Station and head into city for a couple hours as too early for hotel . Decided to check deals at Stamford Plaza which were good so booked an extra night there for Day 2 and then head home Wednesday . By now the gloom was slowly lifting so naturally we went to the nearest Irish Pub for some luck but still needed to wallow first. Here is one I prepared earlier

Then it was time to imbibe. Didn’t dawn on us yet that it was day before St Paddy’s Day. They had a great deal on for a free hat with 2 pints of Guinness. Still mourning but soldiered on

Sent CLP up to bar to order lunch and she worked her charm so came back with another hat and two caps. Things were looking up

Suitably sated time to head to our hotel. Room was ready and nice room even if on level 1 . Been a rough night and long day so time for a nana nap. 10 mins in and the ruckus started in hallway . Looked outside and 4 young natives in shorts and carrying towels were practising scrums outside ! Rang reception and told them only natives I wanted to see were in Africa and that ain’t happening sweetheart . She was actually brilliant. She changed us from our pleasant room on 1 st floor to a lovely suite on level 3 at end of hall way. Knobber Knobber . Seems the Papua Guinea Rugby League boys were stranded here too

We caught up on FaceTime with our excellent Safari Travel Agent and it appears we may be able to postpone the safari stay in camps and return at a later date to use our “ credit” This may not happen or indeed suit but at least there is light at end of tunnel. We would still lose some money on internal flights etc but nothing like the 30 k the land component has cost. Time to relax then for a few. We usually stay at Novotel Airport before holidays and have two traditions . First one is have a beer in the bar. Second one is catch a plane the next day! Looks like it’s two beers then dear

To Be Continued on Day 2 – Offical Wear African T Shirt Day

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