WFW – Top 6

Posted: February 27, 2019 in Travel

A lot of spare time in next 36 hrs so lets review WFW with a Top 6. Some good things missed out but thats life – Torrey Pines and Coney Island spring to mind

1. Hotel Del Coronado

A stunning place and a great trip over on ferry on a glorious day. Lived up to expectations and was surprised what a great beach there as well. Got opportunity to send a special message to my special lady on a special day so it was a well ….. a special early start to holiday

2. Beer Scavenger Tour, SD

The tour itself was nothing special, though fun, but the group was amazing . Especially my little group of locals that adopted me. Reminded me of Portland beer tour where group just took the old fart under their wing. Whenever I end up with a cigar in hand its been a good day. And going to be a bad tomorrow…

3. Santa Monica Pier

It was a nightmare Uber ride home – some self inflicted – but so glad mad effort. It’s kitsch personified maybe but on a glorious afternoon it was a little slice of heaven . Coney Island with a crowd

4. Billy Joel , MSG

I hate crowds but this was worth it. What a stunning performance without a break. Research had me in a good, well priced seat . Look Billy is probably not in my Top 10 artist list but his list of songs is rather impressive on reflection and you cant beat a live show

5. Baltimore Waterfront/Fells Point

On previous day visit this struck me as special and only confirmed this trip. Every morning enjoyed my slightly different route through Fells Point to the Inner Harbour. It’s a stunning vista from all sides but especially from top of Federal Hill. Never got the chance to check out all the varied eateries/drinkeries but tried my best honest

6. Fort McHenry, Baltimore

The surprise of the holiday and likely highlight. It was a surprise because , as CLP would attest , usually avoid museums and monuments with vigor. This was different . The history is simply amazing but to share the flag raising with some vets just struck this old codgers heart oddly. A memory that lingers and will treasure.

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