WFW – The Final Wrap

Posted: February 28, 2019 in Travel

Always mixed feelings at end of trip. You are keen to get home but you have to mix with the GU in droves. Now to be fair I have been very lucky with the level of comfort and luxury have had on flights and lounges this trip and the Flagship Lounge at JFK was a standout. But there are still morons everywhere you look. Whether it is the idiot who always has to be first in line to board – when clearly that is my position – to the Chatty Cathy in front of me now who wants to engage the Hostie in meaningless drivel when she is bringing my next drink there is always someone there to throw shade on your experience . Maybe the issue is that over years of travel have gone from cattle class to business class a bit quick and no looking back now really

You never say never of course – especially when in the middle of morons – and am sure will return to USA sooner rather than later. However, if I go to NYC again do us all a favour and shoot me. In fact, I really should avoid the middle of winter at least . Too many variables with travel and weather in general. Also really need to see new cities as clearly shown with San Diego experience this time. I could be drawn back to Chicago again but would like to see more of Texas and down south like New Orleans or over to Charleston et al. One thing that draws you to the old faves is the easier access by flights especially Qantas . Mind you, have to say American was very good this trip and really Qantas FF Silver status main attraction is the Ruby OW status u get . Of course it also may have helped me get those BC upgrades 3/3 😏

Busy end of year ahead with Daughter No 2 wedding , CLP retirement/60th and then a road trip down south for a month. Then around March next year we celebrate her birthday in style with an African Safari. So, a return to USA seems a long way off but I shan’t suffer folks. Of course most of the fun is in the planning and I can easily amuse myself for weeks planning a 2021 USA holiday even if it never eventuates

I do need to be a bit smarter though. Sometimes I find my day is driven by doing a number of things so that I can fill in my daily blog that night rather than just enjoying the day. It’s like the people who spend so much time taking the photo rather than enjoying the scene. Guilty on both counts your honour.

The hotel experience in NYC was very good but suspect it may not reflect all hotels. VRBO type rentals remain the preferred option but am getting a bit sick and tired of how they screw you over with “fees”. Uber is an excellent alternative these days to taxis but you do have to be careful. My taxi In Baltimore when arrived was $11 plus tip. This mornings Uber at peak time was $27 plus tip for same trip. At other times of course it is cheaper.

The AT&T sim remains an excellent product , if not cheapest, for easy data when in USA. Never missed a beat and allows you to always be “online” . All public transport was good, though varied, and well supported by “apps”. San Diego is a great walking city but also well served by the trolley system. NYC Subway is very efficient of course but old , crowded and dirty. Baltimore has a great linked bus service and the free Circulator. Another good walking city

Qantas 787 Business Class remains an excellent product. The food is rather superb at times and the Dreamliner set up certainly cocoons you nicely. Mind you these two assholes in front are really annoying me. Eurotrash 60 yr old with a fucking ponytail. Didn’t have a lot of luck with flights mid trip with 3/3 being cancelled or delayed significantly. You just have to be aware of these possibilities always and be prepared to act quickly. You travel regularly and shit happens

US TV remains crap. Luckily most places have on demand so can catch up with the shows you want when you want . They love weather reports especially if serious . Of course they embellish any possible drama with glee.

The people are generally very friendly and helpful. Baltimore had its dodgy areas in particular and SD has a significant homeless problem. In USA , in my experience, you wont go a day without being asked for money/food 5 -10 times. Its a sad reflection on a prosperous country. As always come home with a billion coins worth about $2.73 in total because of their bloody tax system. $6:50 becomes $7:13 😤

I am a very lucky fellow to have been able to travel so much in recent years and look forward to many more trips. There is no doubt though as each year passes I get a little more crotchety and easily annoyed . To be honest though I also think the world is getting dumber and more ignorant as well.

The one negative to this trip has been the shoulder rehabilitation. When I left I was ahead of schedule and progressing well. Certainly feel have not progressed in last few weeks. A bit slack with exercises but also some pain, whether arthritic due to cold weather or some slight damage time will tell. Within a few hrs of arrival back in Brisvegas will be seeing Physio for update

And also starting a diet

Later dudes

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