WFW – Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The End

Posted: February 27, 2019 in Travel

And so we come to the end. All packed and ready to get home but still have to get there. The reality is actually

Automobile(taxi), train, train, train, plane, plane, automobile(car)

A solid 32 hrs of travel and realistically no sleep. Plenty to eat and drink of course🤠 I was hanging out for BC upgrade LAX-Brisvegas so didnt request upgrade first leg NYC-LAX as did want to at least try PE once on the 787. Sadly now realise that stuck in AA lounge at JFK these days as QC member non BC rather than the previous excellent BA codeshare lounge. Yes, first world problems but I am here to edumacate my followers

7 am update – which I have failed at 😏 After I had checked in and the usual 24 hr notification period passed I thought why not try for upgrade on first leg as seem to have missed second leg and do have the full three hrs at JFK before leaving. Didn’t expect any success but of course during night two pings at different times indicating had scored BOTH UPGRADES. After getting caught with the LAX Switcheroo keep old phone with Aussie SIM in near me at night now. I have it on vibrate of course, so everyone’s a winner. Don’t want any more nasty surprises but two pleasant ones is a good start

Unlike its cousin in NYC , Penn st at Baltimore is a very quiet station apart from a couple of people always running for a train! Amazing , every boarding call was met by at least 2-3 people bursting through the door with coffee in hand running towards the platform. The train left on time but is quite crowded so no desk or two seats to myself. The transfer at Penn to LIRR is easy peasy and as is 2019 had bought ticket through app so literally a 5 min walk and hopped on train. Have done this before a few times so was a tad concerned when train left and empty as always crowded before. Anyway we made it to Jamaica for the air train

It was now still not quite 1 pm and history tells me Qantass dont open bag drop until 3 hrs before ergo 3 pm. Better grab some lunch then and paid $16 for a water and sandwich! I sat down and ate it at the Qantas check in with all my new friends. You know how everything just goes so smoothly when you have allowed a lot of time….

As luck, or the Good Lord himself, would have it check in opened at 2 pm for us Business Important Folk (BIPs). Pretty quick through security and Lordy Lordy I was in the Flagship Lounge ( and not cod ordinary Admirals Club) by 230 pm with a mere 3 hrs to fill in. This was an impressive lounge too and easily as good if not better than any other have been in. Man am I wishing I didnt have that sandwich. The food looks exquisite and the alcohol is self serve. What could go wrong? I suggest I could be as full as a state school hat rack by liftoff – the first one 😳

Luckily I dont have 20 hrs ahead of hand maiden service in my own little cocoon across the land and water caper. Oh thats right, I’m a BIP now 👨🏻‍🦳 Better sign off now while I can still see keyboard letters separately . This could get ugly…

Luckily you cant smoke cigars on planes 🇺🇸🕺🏻🤓

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