WFW – Day 23 . Bye Boh Baltimore

Posted: February 26, 2019 in Travel

Decided to catch the NV bus quickly back up Eastern Ave for one last quirky photo of Natty Boh tower. Busy time of day but had plenty of time. As always you notice the number of these “row” houses that have roof top areas with BBQs etc. Must be nice in summer

Then it was back to Fells Point and my usual Cortado while I worked out my plan of attack for todays target – Fort McHenry. I was at the excellent Ceremony Coffee Roasters at Harbour Point so Google had a slightly different option this time – water taxi! Sounds great . The theme today revolved around the “Star Spangled Banner” and Land of the Free so a free water taxi followed by free Charm City Circulator fit in perfectly

Caught the bus outside AVM and down to Fort McHenry. Impressive grounds and a good hike to visitor centre. Then I made one of those on the spur of the moment life changing decisions

“Sir, there is a very interesting short film about to start in the library . They are also about to do the flag raising at the Fort in a few mins?”

“Show me The Pole Chauncey”

Then followed what I consider the highlight of my USA trip. There were 3 other guys apart from Ranger. Two US Vets and a serving US Navy guy who was born in Australia and was a keen photographer. I mention latter as he took many photos and promised to email me some. Now I’m known to doze off with the best of them but the history of this place is simply amazing and enthralling. Look it up folks. Due to favourable weather conditions we were putting up the second biggest Garrison Flag they had but needed all four of us to help lower and raise . It was simply a memorable experience. I then stayed around talking to the group for another 30 mins

Took a leisurely stroll back through the grounds and also bought a couple of momentos. Then back on bus to Inner Harbour. It was now late enough to actually find a pub open . The choice of Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant was maybe a tad boring but had been in enough dark pubs for now. Their Golden Export was perfect and along with Blond Guinness my two fave beers of trip

So thats about it folks. Home to wash and pack and generally wait. Ready to come home but last 18-24 hrs always worst. Won’t relax until at JFK tomorrow around 3pm and see that red kangaroo at rest . Still have a couple of trains to line up first but as long as no calamities have allowed plenty of time

It’s been a blast Baltimore

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