WFW Day 22 – It’s Baltimore, Hon. So it’s Bloody Closed ok

Posted: February 25, 2019 in Travel

It’s going to be a booteeful but very windy day so let’s spend 55 mins on a warm bus heading over to “The Avenue” for some quirk. Or not. First up some great street art have seen nearby and everywhere. You just come upon it and is actively encouraged in Baltimore

Caught bus at 8 am which seemed reasonable to moi given length of trip. Not a crowded bus and looked a nice street to get off on. When on bus in unknown areas tend to check the number of blocks between parked police cars. If less than 3, I dont get off 😏 A couple more police cars here would have at least doubled the people . It was dead at 9 am! I understand with pubs not open until 11 am but shops and cafes? Thought this was a hip and happening area of Baltimore. Pretty yes, Interesting no

It was bitterly cold on an empty street. Time to walk to Light Rail link in opposite direction and head back to civilisation. I knew Atomic Books was on way – Jon Waters personal Post Office – and no drama with it being closed . Interesting walk and the light rail, though limited, is very good

Back in Land of Almost Living had my usual Cortado at Felatio Zucchini or whatever it is called next to Convention Centre and then thought time for Top of the Deck Observation at Trade Centre on this glorious Day. Nope. Closed Monday and Tuesday just for something different . The sea was angry and I was getting a tad pissed off myself. Luckily I usually find some things that amuse me at least

Discovered a new entertainment precinct that looks like could go off like a frog in a sock on a Friday night but of course it was Monday mid morning

Nice day for a walk so lets make a little detour through Little Italy on way home. Star Spangled Museum was closed of course being a day ending in “y” but decided to have a Coffee and Cannoli at Vacarros. Oh man when will I learn. The attitude of owner should have been clue as when had no idea what a Cortado was and could care even less. So yep ordered the cappuccino like an idiot with alzheimers. It’s a vat of hot milk and the cannoli was pus in a tube, although more tasty to be fair. And it cost me $13.50!

Let’s keep walking along Eastern Avenue and give The Pagoda a crack as heard it gave a great view as well. It’s an impressive looking monument and doesn’t look like too many steps in that staircase. Behind the closed , locked door. Not even a sign indicating possible access hours. Fuck me slowly

I give up. Obviously Baltimore isn’t overly concerned with the tourism trade at least before midday and never on a Monday . Looks like only one thing left to do then on this glorious if cold day. Yep, its Baltimoron Bubbleboy time

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