WFW – Day 21. Birthday like a Baltimoron.

Posted: February 24, 2019 in Travel

Not sure its a word but its my birthday so my call. I know people who know things and they say Baltimore is known for 2 things – Crabs and Orange Crush. Not sure if the latter is used to treat the former or they are two unrelated delicacies – all will be revealed.

So basic plan is to sample these ASAP but am bound by some arcane laws that dont let pubs open at 7am – my “active” hour. Now that I am 61 I plan on taking things a bit slower so first up will watch the movie Billy C made about me just for my birthday

Ok , not what I was hoping for. I have another plan also that involves maybe being Irish Pub adjacent around 2 pm for the Guinness Engraving caper at Inner Harbour. This, like all plans for day, will depend on 3 things. Weather, crowds and laziness. Lets get that weather update now and open a blind. Much more accurate than the 17 weather apps I have

Ok so general gloom. Ah thats a mirror not a window 😏 One step to the left . Yep drizzly and dank. Supposed to clear around midday . The problem now is to fill in those pesky first few hours before it is sociable to be seen eating 🦀and drinking 🍹 . You know, 9 am. Also difficult to dress for a few hrs out where predicted to start wet and end up a positively balmy 15 degrees

Headed off in light drizzle and thought would check out the area nearby where the Claddaugh Pub was but not expecting it to be open. Aw Shucks, the Oyster Place was closed so at least added to the counter. The pub was open and literally packed already .Tried an Orange Crush as it was already 0830 . Seemed a bit bland so had another one. Then the vodka kicked in 😳 I need some coffee to sober up – well it is an Irish Pub. I did have a crab omelette which was very nice but dont consider that box ticked yet

Time to walk it off but of course now had a full bladder on a cold day. The first place that served coffee and had a restroom was a winner. Yep Starbucks 😏

Down into Fells Point area which is quickly becoming a fave. A quirky pub to check out, Poes last stop. Mentioned it was my birthday ( old trick but works well) and got a free beer

By now I had the wobbly boot firmly attached and only 11 am. Let’s explore a bit more of the area . If you see me smoking a cigar accept the day is gone ok

Tempted but no. By now Thames Street Oyster House was open so lets get some crab. Mission accomplished and officially full as a goog. Time to waddle home for a couple

Still plan to head down to Inner Harbour around 3 pm and see what is going on at Irish Pub( yep actually 4pm start not 2 pm) The walk will be pleasant as weather is clearing but could very well just turn around and head home if too crowded. I am old now and set in my ways

Had hit the wall to be honest at midday which happens at about the 3 week mark of holiday. Birthday of course reminds you of loved ones back home u r missing. Time to snap out of it again so started my 45 min walk and just the tonic. Got to Pub and it was crowded but being Irish it was in a good way. Bought my requisite Guinness to get my glass engraved but was actually quite enjoyable. Then stood around for 45 mins waiting for the two young colleens try to work out how engraver worked! Eventually they did and got my glass and by now was a glorious afternoon so all in all a great end to birthday. Took photo of glass in case have incident with packing 😰

Should be good weather tomorrow but couple of low key days ahead methinks. Plenty walking, less drinking . I’m old, hope dont get those two confused


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