WFW Day 16 – Bauer Time

Posted: February 19, 2019 in Travel

The clock is ticking and only have 24 hrs to complete mission – what would Jack do?

It’s a cold clear start to day as predicted and snow still expected tomorrow afternoon after I have left. Would have been nice to be here for a dump of snow but at this stage just want to get out of Dodge and into Baltimore with no rail issues . Snow will hit Baltimore in morning before I leave so , as always the case in life, it all comes down to how many inches. The only difference here being less is better of course 🤠

I have my Columbus inspired trek across the continent in plan but then an Aussie mate suggested checking out Hughs place?Sadly in different directions and a fair distance between. Also have that pesky last wash to do. Went with Wolverine of course and headed down to Tribeca but Beca wasn’t home so missed out again 😏 Found Laughing Man easy enough near Chambers Street station and again a small little cafe that doesn’t encourage lingering. Flat White was ok, nothing special

The issues then became do I head back to 14 st and walk home? Google said it would take 92 mins . I thought Columbus, C would get a kick out of joining those two numbers, spooky eh? However , my ankle piped up and said “Get Serious” and so we Chambered back to Times Square and decided to slowly walk up 5th Ave to Guggenheim and then cut across back through CP to home. In all, it only took 97 mins. Hmm. But I digress. Meandering through Midtown decided to make this an Aussie Coffee morning.

After quick detour through the always stunning Grand Central next stop was Little Collins

This was better. Time to sit and relax and Google The Guggenheim. Came up with Googlheim , a Jewish deli in Brooklyn so not a great help. Onward and upward 5th avenue. A slight detour through Central Park on way and I do love how they let you know when the pubs open

It was a glorious but brisk day and it was a struggle taking photos and keeping warm. I can multitask with the best of them but definitely needed a third hand to blow my nose

Back out onto 5th Avenue as could smell that Bluestone Coffee. The one coffee place that is cashless and have struggled with Apple Pay so far but was determined to use it this time. “Sorry Sir, our Apple Pay is down” Fark… Anyhoo, its a lovely location they have next to Guggenheim and part of a church I assume . I prayed for a good coffee and suitably rewarded

Now it was time to head back through Central Park at a nice leisurely pace. Beautiful day for a walk and great to see another part of CP

Made it home and noticed that my subtle hint of leaving the laundary on the bed didn’t suck in the maid. Oh well, that is the next 90 mins sorted . Time to rest up anyway before heading out to Late Show mid afternoon. Quick check of weather forecast for tomorrow . Yep still grim 😰 Needless to say will be a tad pissed off if the only snow in 8 days here stops me leaving. Already screwed up arrival . Off to The Late Show

3pm was the designated time for opening of “Priority Ticket” line up. Got there at 5 to and already 40 people lined up 😏 Stood outside in cold for 45 mins, then inside for 45 mins while they did a bizarre “toilet run” one line at a time. Seated in very comfortable seats and show kicked off around 5 pm with stand up and then the band. Bit of QA with Stephen and then show . Guest was FBI guy doing his book tour, intersting enough but knew it all anyway. You are much closer to stage than appears on TV and it was agreat experience . Just wish there was a better way to get people into these studios

Weather looking very grim for tomorrow and not confident at all will leave at time if at all 😰 NYC will be ok when I leave at 11 am but weather already hit Baltimore and Philly by then so basically heading towards it. Doubt the snow will be the problem but rather the icy sleet following

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