WFW Day 17 – Baltimore or Bust

Posted: February 20, 2019 in Travel

The forecast remains grim and so decided to pay the extra $100 and change my train to hit that sweet spot of just being snow before the sleet and icy rain hits which likely to cause more issues than snow. Making this decision at 0645 made it all a bit of a rush to get to Penn in time for 8 am train as had not packed much night before . Taxi was very slow of course in traffic but made it in time , printed up ticket and then lined up Red Cap . Once again no breakfast in rush so hit nearby Starbucks as time was running out and to be honest their flat white with extra shot is ok. Got a breakky burger as well as couldn’t be worse than from cafe car! Saw Red Cap lined up with bag and still waiting for dolt to heat my burger when she got it out of oven and dropped on floor. Looked at Red Cap and we both rolled our eyes. Friends for life . Made it in plenty of time and actually first on carriage. Won’t last but feels good for now . Of course dont know what awaits me at end of trip and then have to get to lodgings in potentially treacherous conditions. Will worry about that later

Made it to Wilmington before saw any snow. Only 40 mins north of Baltimore which is next stop so should be ok

Certainly snowing on Baltimore. Taxi driver didn’t seem fazed but some chains might have been handy. Said it had only been snowing since 8am but it was heavy on the ground and snow plows out. Canton Row house looks very nice and in a good area. They say there is a park across the road but cant tell yet🤓 The Hot Tub out the back looks tempting….

Did the requisite slosh through the snow to get some groceries about 10 mins away. Easier in this snow really then if it rains later on as predicted . Time to “Netflix and Chill” and yes no euphemism implied

Snow has abated for a bit so lets get out and suss the neighbourhood. Start with where the park should be and then the local coffee place

Coughing and spluttering has started again after a pleasant couple of days so hope that nonsens is not back again. Must be time to blow the froth of that first one and as us locals say when it is snowing ….. Baltimore Smaltimore

I think I’m going to like Baltimore

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