WFW – Day 15 . Another 48 hrs

Posted: February 18, 2019 in Travel

I get the “red sky in morning, sailor warning” deal but what does an orange sky mean? Ah , of course its Presidents Day 🤠 Actually its grey and gloomy so even more appropriate really . Supposed to clear January 2021. Ok, enough political humour

Plans are loose today as tomorrow looks like a belter as we say back home. Colbert tomorrow afternoon to round out trip nicely. Will wait and see if this weather does start to slowly clear as predicted and then head into general midtown and linger leading to a definite loiter. I may also duck into Amtrak and see if can change train ticket on Wednesday to an earlier time as weather bad that day with snow predicted by midday and want to make sure at least get to Baltimore. What happens after that will deal with.

Think its fair to say have overstated my desire to spend time in NYC. This is 4th significant trip (ie> month stay total) and as solo 60yr old who always comes this time of year then its all been done for me and NYC is not really a city to sit and chill for a few days . Not a complaint, just a PERSONAL observation. Not suggesting either that I have barely scraped the surface of what is on offer but with so many different cities to see in USA spending another week in NYC may have been a mistake. As great as Hotel Beacon has been UWS is probably not ideally suited to my preference to walk the neighbourhood but is certainly well served by the Subway

Then I had an epiphany – quite common in older men and you can get special pants. “You are in NYC you moron, what are you complaining about” Yep , fair call. Let’s rock – 60 is twice as good as 30 after all #myTina

Weather ain’t clearing in a hurry and there is the definite “90 min window to do last wash” beckoning on such a day but would rather get max value from my last roll of quarters tomorrow. There is an excellent range of On Demand TV like True Detective to catch up on but rather get out of room in morning and let the service ladies work in peace. Not sure what is closed on PD of course but assume all Wallmarts are open? Sorry couldn’t resist . 9 am update

So a friendly forum friend suggested Box Kite Coffee on 72 nd street was the go for coffee in UWS and after taking ages to find it under scaffolding and minimal footprint would have to agree. I can usually find a kite shaped box in the dark but this was hard – ya with me .

Then it was onto the subway to land in Times Square and radiate. I played tourist for an hour or so and although gloomy no rain and quite pleasant walking around

As luck, or poor planning would have it , I was now adjacent to Trump Tower on 5th Ave. Well why not , it is that day after all. Looking at the two cops with RPGs in the doorway I decided to be on my best behaviour. Rather impressive place I guess but you would hardly know it was a Trump hotel. (Insert sarcastic emoji here)

Thought I may as well walk home from here and get some exercise . A quick detour via Columbus circle and I was hotel adjacent just as the first glint of a break in the weather appeared . It will be a slow process

Morning sorted which leaves a potentially pleasant afternoon to follow. Realised on way home have not had a slice of pizza yet and still have a couple of TShirts to buy for grand kiddies . Seeing Columbus inspired me to travel from West across Central Park and visit East Land. Or it could have been seeing that fat fella that reminded me to do more walking. Think will leave that to tomorrow morning and head back down around Penn St this arvo and tick off those other items .

Weather slowly improved and sun was poking out by 2 pm. Found a slice of pizza which fit the bill nicely and then to complete my 2nd tradition in NYC – oddly both involve Pubs – and have a beer at The Australian. And say hello to Chapelli of course

Finally picked up those T Shirts and time to head home. That bottle of red wont finish itself

What started as a potentially lost day once more filled in nicely. I did see about changing Amtrak ticket to an earlier time on Wednesday but as got such a good price initially they wanted $138 to change to one hour before. Ah, no thanks will stay on track and go with the flow . A little railway humour there

Very little

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