WFW – Day 14 . Snow Coney?

Posted: February 17, 2019 in Travel

Plan today, weather permitting, was early morning visit to Clooney Island to hang out with da booteeful people and fit right in. 68% of weather apps predicted sunny morning and light snow in evening. Early indications were they were 101% correct – looks a glorious day. Now just get my glasses and check this subway map for directions.

Ah, so its actually Coney Island. Makes more sense I guess. It’s a long subway trip with the old switcheroom from 1 to Q trains. I wasn’t sure whether to line up at the near Q platform or the far Q platform….here all week, try the pizza. Of course this trip always reminds me of the classic Seinfeld episode but doubt there will be too many naked guys on this ride. It was brisk

It’s a great subway clip in fact and was also amused by Feb 14th Daily Show and Trevor Noah commenting that they should put the subway entry turnstiles at the border and no one will get through😅 So true. Anyhoo back to Coney Island on a simply stunning day

It was closed

Of course , I knew it would be quiet and it was great walking along an almost empty boardwalk. Ziggy had mentioned to me about the 911 memorial wall at the MCU park. Always unsure how to post images of these as seem to be intruding on peoples memories so try to be respectful. The lasered images of the individuals who tragically lost their lives were certainly thought provoking.

Back on train to Manhattan and such a glorious day got out at 57th street to walk through Central Park to home. First time in a while had seen it without snow on ground.

Lovely neighbourhood to walk through to home but man it was cold . Time to rest up a bit and just sit in the sun in what has been a brilliant room at The Beacon. Hope I wake up before the snow starts

Wow, that cloud came in quick. Literally 15 mins from crystal clear blue to full cloud cover. This arvo the plan is to continue the Seinfeld theme and win The Contest . Oops, wrong episode. Actually need to find a black and white cookie.

So Google screwed me over good and proper. Assured me Levain Bakery nearby had some of the best BW cookies in NYC according to 2018 reviews. Crowded as usual and waited in line for 10 mins even though “BW” not listed on menu. Menu was truthful duh. So, not waste my time I bought their new famous “choc chip walnut” Hmm,not bad

So back to research and top 2 were in East Village so a fair walk – lets check website first. Yep, both closed now 😰 Ok, lets try Zabars just up the road on 79th. Yay , look to the cookie Elaine!

Ok, that was pretty bad. I will be going back to Levains for my cookies now. I need something to wash that down. Yep this place will do. Later folks, over and out.

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