WFW – Day 13. I’ll Take Manhattan. Apparently..

Posted: February 16, 2019 in Travel

Plans for today revolved mainly around weather and how day dawned so was a bit alarmed when very dark and grim at 06:30. Then I remembered the blackout curtains😏 Scrape, slide….ah thats better. Looks a great day , so plan A is in place .Down to Dumbo for the “most instagrammable view in NYC” to help me become an Instagram Influencer. From this day forth shall be known as FlashII but pronounced flashee . Risked molestation on an empty subway platform but certainly worth it with no crowds on a glorious day

Beautiful area to walk around with majestic views across the river of the Manhattan skyline

Then it was time to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and just need to find entry to Pedestrian Promenade. Ah there it is, too easy. And isn’t it great they now have this specific walkway for pedestrians, when did it years ago very crowded

Hmm, that bridge over in distance looks vaguely familiar. Now in my defence, research had indicated that actually walking across the MANHATTAN BRIDGE was a better view so maybe my subconscious took over. I am great at research but fall down a bit in implementation. But from now on when it comes to bridges…

More stunning views across at that half assed bridge in distance

Of course “issue” with Plan A.2 was I landed in Chinatown. No concern of course but as had posted online already thought half a billion Chinese fans may turn up and cause gridlock. As me old cobber Confucius says though “be prepared” so quickly organised some men in blue for crowd control

As had had no breakfast and it was now about 9 am I did the only thing worse than going to Starbucks for coffee. Yep went to Maccas for a sausage egg McMuffin! Hit the spot actually and then back on tourist trail. As not far from Wall St saw the usual things a tourist does before catching the 1 train back home for well earnt rest. Mission accomplished, quiet day now

Such a glorious day couldn’t just sit inside so caught the 1 train down to Greenwich Village area to complete my one, strangely odd , NYC tradition – a beer at The Slaughtered Lamb. Maybe its the fruit they add to your beer that brings me back. Nothing else pops out, I mean pops up in my mind

As was in area thought I would give Meg one last chance. She didn’t take it so had my requisite coffee at Bluestone and started the slow hike home. Glorious day it may be but I need a break from the GU

Sadly NYC is just dead on a Saturday night so I am going to sit back and relax and finally open my free bottle of red. It came with 2 glasses (suffer in your cargo shorts Meg 🤓)so can drink it twice as quick . Yay

Wait a sec, there is someone else in the room hooking into my wine 😳 Handsome devil, guess he can stay

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