WFW Day 12 – Dantes Diner

Posted: February 15, 2019 in Travel

Has dawned a cloudy day as predicted by 73% of all weather apps. It is amazing how 3 different sites have 3 different forecasts. Makes it difficult to dress for venturing into world when room is invariably constant temperature – you know, oven! Actually at least at The Beacon, fast becoming my fave hotel in NYC, you can set own temp. Mind you is only hotel ever stayed at in NYC.

Think it was between “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and “Only the Good Die Young” that I got a message last night that Ziggy could squeeze me in on his Hell’s Kitchen Tour today. Spooky eh. Sadly the Brooklyn Tour tomorrow is a no go and he has been great trying to get me on another tour this week. Only 4 hr tour but also in an area likely not usually visit, at least while still alive.

That leaves morning to fill in and still quite sick but I am an intrepid traveller so lets see if any aircraft carriers near by and then maybe head into Meat Packing District and Chelsea. Reminds me, think I put too much starch in boxers yesterday …

Of course now that I have the Thermonuclear jacket and dressed like Nanook of the North going to be a balmy 13 degrees C today or 5 or 22 . You pick

Yep it was warm especially walking a lot and dressed in new jacket . Burning calories at least which is good because one day soon just going to plant myself somewhere and eat and drink for a couple of hours. At least my new jacket is attracting the ladies and finally got a date – doesn’t talk much and dresses purty so basically perfect

Found myself a big boat suitably not going anywhere soon. As had seen USS Midway last week didn’t bother with another tour.

Then it was time to pack my meat and head to Chelsea. The High Line was looking a tad sick but did have a good coffee on way – to go of course as standing room only

Then onto Chelsea Market which is always good and had another coffee as remembered place from last visit – and they serve Cortado. By now I was jumping

Time to head home and rest for a couple before food tour at 2pm. I haven’t really worked out the 1,2,3 local/express caper yet but all stop at 72 nd so not an issue. I do have an issue swiping metro card and not just me I notice. Seems to take a couple of tries each time. My goal this week is swipe on first go, watch clown behind me struggle, turn around and say “bloody tourists”. I also picked up the two essentials for my week in NYC

Ziggy tour was great even though stuck with a family of 4. Very nice people just doesn’t mix well when 2 teenagers thrown in. The pitfalls of solo travel. Food was varied and plentiful. Interesting history thrown in along the way and plenty of walking. Good to see NYC Inside Actors Studio HQ

Been a big 36 hrs so a bit Shaggus O’Murphy and time for a cuppa and early bed. Has been a very quiet few nights here so far but fear with a long weekend starting now that could change . Plans are loose for next few days but if day dawns bright as 47% of weather apps suggest then may head over to Brooklyn Bridge early but lets cross that bridge when we get to it….

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