WFW Day 11 – Billy Don’t be a Hero

Posted: February 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

It appears my Gortex Jacket is made more of Paper Lace rather than actual thermal gear given I cant really get warm and thus cold has freshened up . With Billy Joel concert tonight it seems best idea is have a quiet day mostly indoors and follow the advice of

Interesting article on Today Show this morning . Yes thats how sick I am, stuck watching that drivel. It seems that single dinner bookings on Valentines Day are up 80% in last 4 years . Of course that may mean it has gone up from 4 a night to 5 🤓 It probably also explains why I don’t have a date yet . Billy J is at MSG so will have a loiter around ESB after show to see if Meg turned up. Hell, I would take Deborah Kerr at this stage, I could use that wheelchair at present with my ankle. First job though is to find a warmer jacket . My packing for solo trips of late has been a tad ordinary . As shops wont be open for a little while and subways crowded two other jobs first – find out why my ham in fridge is frozen and second a decent coffee nearby. UWS , and Hotel Beacon, are fine for many things but don’t think it screams “cafe scene” sadly.

When in doubt go with hot chocolate. Found some coffee places but all had at least 10 lining up. Found myself down around 5th Ave and sure enough my thoughtful nature kicked in. There it was and this was Valentines Day . The one thing all women desire – a flat iron

It was a nice morning in the sun walking around and blow me if I didn’t come across what I assumed was a live version of a Where’s Wally game unfolding. But that would be virgin on the ridiculous eh

Eventually NorthFace opened and they have some good gear but man they don’t miss ya. Simply suck it up and work out later how you will pack what equates to an inflatable dinghy into your bag .If it keeps me warm and start to heal will be worth it

Confident in my ability now to keep warm I headed off on a booteeful afternoon to upper upper west side as research had indicated that the view from the “vertical tour” of Cathedral of Johnny Divine was indeed divine. Sadly research did not extend to days and time of tour. At Friday noon for a guided tour with GU I will settle for my view from floor 22

Still as I was in the area checked out Toms Restaurant, some more churches and Grants Tomb. He still dead

For a quiet day saw a fair bit and still have Billy to listen to and Meg to snog. Mind you if this cough doesn’t settle down soon I will be Sleepless in NYC as well

Amazing concert. Packed Garden and the crowd really joined in. Wonderful experience cant do justice to with photos. A visual and aural assault. Great seat as well

Maybe try a couple of videos

So great night just left one thing to do….

Bitch didn’t show . Now I am stuck with a bloody teddy bear to pack as well!

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