WFW Day 10 – The Daily Show of Snow

Posted: February 14, 2019 in Travel

Seems a quiet room at present which is great for a hotel. Body clock a bit out of whack still but slept ok. Decided to head for Central Park while snow still on ground and it was booteeful as always

The thing you need to remember about NYC is wind chill, it can be biting. Still sickly which makes it that much harder to get temperature right. Some cars were going to have fun getting out this morning and interesting to see the impact of Trumps cutbacks on the police force

The Hotel Beacon is an impressive building from all angles and being in a corner studio on 22nd floor gives great views

The Daily Show at 3 pm today so may be time to make up for that alcohol free day yesterday not that I can taste much of course. It would be better if still worked as could feel I could just relax for a few hrs and do nothing but as that is the norm back home seems kinda pointless here 😏

Got my weekly metro card and then hopped on the 1,2,3 (I forget which) which is very close at 72 nd street and went to Times Square for no real reason. Had a walk around, remembered why I don’t come here, and headed back home. The only real trick with subway, as easy as may sound, is remember if going uptown or downtown! Dropped into Amsterdam Ale House for a quenching Ale and a bite to eat and then will rest up for a couple of hours as ankle not good at all. Made sure I didn’t break any laws in the pub either 😏

Headed off a bit early for the 25 min walk which turned out to be 40 mins, thanks Google. Still was first to line up even though it was 4 pm which was advertised time for “guaranteed seat”. Slowly people turned up but we still stood outside for 90 mins. Then we moved inside, went through security, and stood for another 30 mins. Finally seated in full studio by 6 pm which was same timeframe from Jon Stewart show. Then we sat for 45 bloody mins with head splitting music playing. Still sick, overdressed warm wise for hike home and sitting between 2 big men. Not fun. Finally stand up comedian came out and he was very good. Pretty well straight after Trevor started and also very good. No exciting guest but a great show. Then the 40 min walk home in freezing weather. It was a great 45 mins of entertainment but the other 4 hrs wasn’t . I need sleep

And when it comes to cold its the “real feel” u need to look at. Trust your Uncle Flashy

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