WFW – Day 9 . The Joys of Travel

Posted: February 13, 2019 in Travel

Rough nights sleep with cold and noise of planes. Also a hopeless AC in room that kicked in every now and again with full blast in your face and in between room was warm. Still only had to get through to 0530 and then off to QC club at TBIT and a relaxing flight in PE to JFK. Or so you would think

As always a quick check on Qantas app to see all ok. Flight is on time…..What the fuck. It’s a 0900 AA flight in economy! QF 11 just cancelled no idea why. Some snow in NYC but AA are flying at present. I carry my Aussie Sim in old iPhone as some messages still set up with that number. Sure enough a message from Qantas but basically only saying ‘ flight chnaged’ check online. So quickly have to accept the hand dealt and quickly choose a seat, check in and see if earlier flight . Not ideal at 6 am in morning with cold and no glasses. All full, you can go on standby and your luggage will go on 7 am flight, which is full, even if u don’t ! Ah no thanks that has disaster written all over it. Breathe Breathe. Settle into Admirals Club and at this stage just hope we get to NYC. Main issue with economy is still being sick. It’s a 5.5 hr flight

So flight left on time and had decided to upgrade , for nix, to exit row in AC and seriously had the most room ever. Pretty good flight. We picked up 20 mins and then sat on tarmac for 21 mins😏 . Very basic snacks and no grog – not a bad thing – so all in all not that bad but be chasing down Qantass for my credits and eligible flight to maintain Silver FF Status. (There was a muffin top though) Not for Qantass mind you but the Ruby OW status which has been a god send this trip. Oh, and The Irwins were on the flight. Walking past arrivals info and you would think QF 11 had landed!

The flat rate $52 taxi fare to Manhattan is good deal but soon adds up with tolls,surcharges and tips so hand over $80 and walk away. Treacherous road conditions, he did well. Check in smooth enough and do have my “deluxe corner king studio above 18th floor” as booked so very happy. Will be interesting to compare a hotel stay to usual apartment one. Think worse aspect will be laundary

Amazingly that is 3 flights in a row either cancelled or significantly delayed . Yes all worked out ok in end but a lot of stress and quick action required. Plan now is to start holiday again, in Winter, as no flights for two weeks! Just need NYC weather to co operate. Miserable at present after snow so just slush now. Supposed to improve over coming days .

Just hope I do

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