WFW Day 8 – Fan. Sh*t. Incoming. Oh and Santa Monica

Posted: February 12, 2019 in Travel

So we all remember cocky boy at start of week when everything just kept falling into place ? It couldn’t last and hasn’t.

First up sick as a dog with a cold developing. No doubt being too sociable with GU. Then yesterday afternoon got email from Ziggy saying my one booked tour in NYC this Saturday has been cancelled. Next up on way to Airport this morning with 2 hrs to flight when get notification flight is delayed another 5 hrs and now leaving at 2 pm rather than 0930 😰 Apart from sitting around airport for hrs also screws up plans for this afternoon of a visit to Santa Monica Pier. I will say AA are pretty good in customer service and even One World Ruby status gets you some good treatment. So was able to switch, no charge, to an 11 am flight which is better than first alternative. Santa Monica still a chance but probably need to Uber it.

So at airport all checked in, must be time for some breakfast. Let’s see smallest item on menu. Help

Thought no harm in trying to access the Airspace Lounge at SD which does welcome AA Admirals Club. Yep, straight in as a QC member. Not the best club in the world but is quiet and comfortable. And the GU are outside . And I did some research. Apparently you feed a fever and drown a cold

Of course the normal boarding time comes around and so the big board at gate flashes “boarding now” because in 2019 technology cant cope with subtle changes. People start lining up so lady eventuaally says we will board soon, we are just waiting for plane to arrive at gate and then to decamp. No shit sherlock, maybe why the 3 pilots are standing over there ya reckon? Delays happen fine , just don’t treat us like morons

So we got on pretty quick to be fair , about 20 mins late, and such a short flight of only 30 mins to a 52 alphabet gate so needed shuttle. Bag second off though and walked the 20 mins to hotel and in room by 1 pm . Like my stomach, things were on the turn

Time to Uber down to Santa Monica on a glorious day . Walked the pier straight up of course. The beach is rather amazing as well and all was pretty busy for a Monday . Then walked more into town because rather hungry by now and found a couple of places that tickled my fancy and warmed my tonsils

Filled in a couple of hours nicely before time to head back down and watch the sun set over the pier. Would have liked to stay until lights took full effect but have early start in morning and given the cock up about to round the day it was a wise call

I had left it to close to 6 pm to try and avoid some of traffic but was always going to be a nightmare. Now in my defence I was feeling crap by now again so maybe that , and fact no glasses, that I put in Courtyard Marriott but didn’t check which one. Also made mistake of getting Uber Pool. About 90 mins later am dropped off at CM in Beverly Hills ! Then have to try and get one back to LAX version. Eventually did but it was an expensive exercise and also a long one of around 2.5 hrs. A great day in the middle but bookended by real crap

Hey I hear planes, there must be an airport near here. Oh joy

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