WFW Day 7 – He Rested

Posted: February 10, 2019 in Travel

And on the 7th day he rested . From alliteration. If its good enough for Old Whiskers then its good enough for Young Stubble. A tad seedy today but not from alcohol per se but maybe the smoking. Have a sore dry throat which could be start of usual vacation cold or just response to the smoke. Hope it is the latter but as someone who doesn’t mix much with the GU I fear it is the former. Couple of flights in next couple of days which are never pleasant if not well. Time will tell but for today time to get out in fresh air and walk around as seems a nice day has dawned. The washing and packing await this afternoon 😰 Oh joy.

First up is usual Cortado and then a quick check in for tomorrows morning flight. Hoping to be able to leave bags at hotel near LAX and then head down to Santa Monica for afternoon. Would be a real knobber of course if could actually get into my room at 11 am but lets not set bar too high

I shall declare today an alcohol free day just to freshen up for the next journey. Lovely walking around in sun down on waterfront but certainly seems cold is developing

The place does get busier on weekends and one thing we know for sure is Americans love their big meals especially if pancakes may be involved

That’s it for me today folks. Not well so time to settle in for some golf from just up the road at Pebble. Mind you they did have a hail storm this morning 😳 Farewell San Diego

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