WFW – Day 6 . Beer, BBQ and Babes

Posted: February 10, 2019 in Travel

To be truthful only two of those are guaranteed but have so fallen under the spell of alliteration I cant help myself. A 3 hr brewery tour is booked for 10 am and does include a BBQ lunch. Forecast not as good for today but at present just cloudy . We are in a covered Pinzgauer apparently which is a Vintage Swiss Safari Vehicle built for an ultimate beer exploration. Let’s hope the roof is not made of Swiss cheese 🧀. If I don’t get a complimentary block of Toblerone on boarding going to be well pissed off. Not a lot of walking expected except to loo and back on several occasions. Breweries we visit are still a pleasant surprise much as it will be for the staff when I rock up. It’s a 12 seater and tour is full so seems another 11 Yanks are about to get a lifetime memory to share. Would be nice if one day another Aussie fronted on one of these tours just to lessen the burden

Ah nope

A quick trolley to Santa Fe station had me ready to board and hook in

First up a quick check

Babes 👍🏻
Partners 👍🏻
Chances 😰

Looked like a great group and even had two “buses”including a bucks party. What could go wrong? First stop Ballast Point

4 good samples and back on transport. Things were rocking. Next stop Bay City Brewing and also some BBQ lunch. For some reason someone brought along Jenga which was good fun

That was pretty well end of tour as advertised at 1pm. Not surprisingly we kicked on. Great group of people. We had some beers at Stone Brewing Taproom then ended up somehow at a cigar/hookah place . Then, apparently , we had some dinner at Werewolf. So they tell me

Great day but officially half cut and already 7 pm. Help

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