WFW – Day 5 . Tacos, Tequila and Tombstones

Posted: February 9, 2019 in Travel

Alliteration seems a big thing in Southern Sunny San Diego. Damn its catching. Guessing it means if you have too much off the first two you end up with the third ? That tour is tonight in Old Town so first up, after Cortado, is to plan a morning in Little Italy and finally hook into some food. Then the task will be to find an area of town not too old and not too little I suppose 🤓 If I do I shall call it Flashtown and the good citizens will rejoice . Flash’s Fave Folk you could say

First step is avoid catching the 7 am Tooting Trundling Trolley on the 10 min ride as simply nothing really open then . So walking back slowly on a booteeful crisp morning and just musing and generally enhancing the neighbourhood I looked at all the scooters lined up just begging to be ridden. Well why not I had the leather jacket on as luck would have it. It’s a bit scary how quickly you can sign up for things and start paying for it just with the press of a thumb 😳 It was great fun and even though my 3 min ride cost me $2:35 I will do it again. SD is just so well suited to it. Don’t imagine a lot of scooting in Numb Noisy NewYork next week after all. Only problem is I need to walk when on holidays to counter the higher caloric intake #LeapingLimeLothario

Duly arrived in Little Italy around 0830 which was ok to walk the streets and grab a coffee or two.

I thought there would be a more “unique”feel but really seems like a lot of Italian themed eateries/drinkeries on an otherwise normal street. Maybe I missed it . Very nice neighbourhood of course and was thinking of staying here initially and when I looked up every 5 mins at the noise was rather glad . They come in low and fast folks

I was jumping a bit after too many coffees methinks so time to get something to eat that’s not too sweet. Of course time -10:15 am – was the issue again but settled on Waterfront Bar and Grill , a proud dive bar. I had a beer and a burrito as you do at 10 am bot only got half way though. That’s lunch sorted. Again, very friendly staff. Davy Did Dive .

Time to walk a bit off that off and as luck, and clever planning, would have it was door adjacent to Ballast Point Brewing at 10:59. A Festivus miracle. Impressive place and didn’t really need any more beer just now but couldn’t resist the ability to download the untapped app and actually display on big screen what I was drinking. The actual task of downloading and registering on IPhone without glasses also served as the 11:10 sobriety test. Sober as a Judge as long as it isn’t Brett Kavanaugh 🤠

While sober I was full as a goog so time to trolley back to home for a few to discharge and recharge for tonight if you get my drift. May duck out to check out souvenirs but really have not noticed those shops around here. Maybe they were all in Little Italy next to the Markets and Bocce Green?

Good tour with a great group. Makes all the difference . Once again only non Yank. Booteeful night for walk around Old Town. Plenty to eat and drink. Guide was a failed Stand Up and you could tell . Put him in his place early. “So, what brings you to USA Dave” “A big plane pal”. Rest of night went smoothly

Flash Finally Full

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