WFW Day 4 – Brothels, Bites and Booze

Posted: February 8, 2019 in Travel

Seems to tick all the boxes eh. Speaking of ticking boxes, which could explode, maybe pass on the brothels and replace with balls? As in golf balls that is. Actually refers to a Culinary Tour (yeah I had to check twice in case needed to clean my teeth first🤠 ) through the Gaslamp Quarter tonight. Use to be the Gaslamp Half but a lot burnt down in ‘03. That can happen when you leave Gaslamps on 24/7 duh.

First up though let’s check out Torrey Pines Golf Course just down the road from Tory Spelling Brain Research Centre. They didn’t find anything. Keen to get going early to catch the sun rising over the course but is a fair drive and not sure too many Ubers around early in morning judging by yesterday. On way to morning Cortado found another Coffee shop so thought lets see if luck is lasting. Yep, perfectly fine Cortado again. Time to Uber and turned up quickly but was a slow trip up with the traffic. Got to course just after 8 am and it is a magnificent vista. I knew you couldn’t actually walk the course but it seems quiet so put on my Dumb Aussie face – you know Victorian – and headed off first cart path. Got about 70 m ( where first shot usually ends to be fair) before I heard the call “Excuse me Sir, you cant walk the course as a non player” “Ok great so you supply me with a cart as well? Sweet” “Ah no you idiot” So I trudged back , called out “Go Pies” and took what photos I could. It was amazing how narrower the 18th fairway approach is then what it looks like on TV. And fuck me if they didn’t have the almost identical bunker bike to Maryhole. Well, I just had to muck in and help eh. They were still removing stands from recent PGA Event

On way up with very friendly Uber driver Jose was discussing plans after TP and asked about La Jolla pronounced as in Jolly u know. He looked at me blankly, then the penny dropped. “Oh, u mean La Hoya? “ When I said “Si” we became Facebook friends. The plan thus hatched was to Uber back down the coast to La Jolla Cave and then Pacific Beach for starters. Stunning day with stunning images. Apparently

Now as glorious as these early mornings are the only downside is Imbibing Institutions usually are not open. It’s all very well to ponder life, make a decision, and then be turned away

The Uber had been great but was starting to add up cost wise so thought it easy enough to catch a bus for $2:25 home now so can live to fight another day

After a quick bite and a slow suck time to venture out again so why not try the trolley this time to Old Town. I could end up as honorary Mayor by 5 pm the way my day is going. Stepped off trolley, after it stopped, and turned left . Big mistake. Deadsville as in Maryhole CBD on a Saturday night. The underpass did have a great mural so not total waste . About to get back on trolley, once it stopped, but thought nah, there has to be more here. I turned right and voila a little Mexican Village that Yul Brynner would be happy to save . So far so good as McQueen,S would say. Tried a Mexican mocha because I could and even wandered into the Old Saloon for quenching ale. It looks like a great place to sample some food but may look into organised tour to get the full flavour. Once again a half assed plan had worked out well. Now back home to get ready for tonight’s soirée. It will be struggling to keep up with todays high standard

Once again only non Yank on tour. They are pleasant simple folk, you know, morons…. #wacokid. Actually they are very friendly and generous but you do get another insight into how Trump got elected. At start I always wonder what have I got myself into but my end its always a good night. Guess its because deep down darn it I am a people person. Good portion sizes and varied. You have to listen to Chatty Cathy in between courses and get the occasional interesting tidbit but it was a booteeful night out and good walking weather. Only issue really was at the end of the night some bastard switched my Guinness for the one they give the Leprechauns

It cant have been too bad. I signed up for the Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones tour tomorrow night😏

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